The Weekend That Was: Round 8

Wowzers what a round of fantasy footy that was… Well, for some! Over a handful of players pumped out uuuuuge 150+ scores! Question is, did you have none, some or all of them?

Read on for your weekly fix of corrosive fantasy footy chat!

8 down, 16 to go… Must be time for The Weekend That Was!

Carlton vs Brisbane


Dunkley (172!)Fwaaaa Dunks! That was proper epic. 33 touches, 11 marks, 13 tackles in a stat line you rarely see! 31% of teams without Dunks in utter disbelief.

Cerra (130) – So just quietly, that’s 3×130+ scores in a row from Cerra! After an average first 5 rounds he has come to life over the past three weeks. Plenty of coaches will go chasing!

Doch (130)All class from Doch in game 150. A journey with as many speed bumps and sharp turns as they come! Gun.

Hollands (86) + Cincotta (75) Things you love to see: 1. Blues losing on a Friday night, 2. Baggers fans leaving before 3QT and 3. Rookies scoring overs!


Cripps (70)

Neale (67) *sighs heavily* I’ll cop this one on the chin. Here I was thinking I was a in the 1% club bringing in Neale… He then proceeds to sh*t the bed, lurking around the footy doing peanuts – feel free to lay a hand on someone Lachie! Yes, he’s a gun and will bounce back but that was a piss take.

Wilmot (34)Oh well, at least it was 22 right? Tada Darcy.

Richmond vs West Coast


Bolton (137)31 touches, 3 goals and 3 votes S.Bolton.

Taranto (117)Just continues to get the job done does T.Taranto! Coaches would have been slightly worried when Tim didn’t eclipse 15 in Q1… As reliable as they come!

Sheed (111)Yeah good onya turbo! About 6 weeks too late but credit where credit is due! Sheed finally found a way to fill the stats sheet with a solid 7 marks and 5 tackles.


Cumberland (-2) – Holy hell. Not even taking the piss when I say that this is genuinely hard to do! At least he can chat to big Samson Ryan after he posted -2 back in 2021?

Geelong vs Crom


Dawson (116) – Essential. Being able to pick a perma midfielder in our defensive units is an absolute luxury! Another 29 touches, 5 marks and 6 tackles to Daws.

Desk Pig (107) – Owners were low-key shitting themselves last week when the rumour mill had it that Laird would be a late out with a sore calf… Fast forward to now and he has 110 and 107 in the last fornight. Legend.

ROB (104) – Not quite the same impact as when he last visited the Cattery (159!), but fair to say ROB is taking a liking to playing down at pussy land.


Pedlar (45) – Okay he’s been great for us but many coaches still running with Pedo were fielding…

Rachele (27)

Gold Coast vs Melbourne


Anderson (132)5/5 tons including 3×130+ in this time… 2.5% of the competition drinking their own bathwater!

Gawn (107) – Stood out like dogs balls and won the battle of the big boys with 15 touches, 6 marks, 5 tackles and 2 snags!

MacPherson (102) – How about Darcy Mac as a cheeky POD?! He’s relishing his time off half-back and ironically bought up his ton after costing the Suns a game with a shank on goal!


Grundy (48) – Irrelevant.

Van Rooyen (41)

Chandler (37)Sh*t night to be a Dees rook… Chand has been awesome for us but we may need to make plans sooner rather than later now! Keep in mind he has Hawthorn next week so at this stage it’s a hold from me.

BWS vs Western Bulldogs


Green (170!)Holy heck talk about Green, Green grass! Had the 25 strong fan club freeloaders snaking cans in an absolutely frenzy with two goals in as many minutes in Q4. 38 disposals and 3 goals in an extraordinary individual effort.

English (151) – F*ck me Saturday was a good day for the English! Big Timmy for King I say. What stood out was his 10 marks playing with a bar of soap for a football!

Bont (129)The Bont continues to roll. After having an uncanny knack of posting 90’s and low tons last season, Bont now has multiple 125+ scores eight games in!

Kelly (109)Standard rolls royce in the wet – my word is he clean at ground level. Another 34 to go with 6 tackles… Imagine if he took a few more marks around the ground!


Cogs (81)Why in the f*ck are you playing full forward Cogs?! My message to Adam Kingsley is that he is not Toby Greene. Still scrounged an 80 but with massive scores left, right and centre this one hurts that little bit more.

Cumming (64) – He’s just not very good at fantasy. Period.

Angwin (24) – Came off late in Q4 with an ankle issue… Another red dot looming for 13% of the comp how good’s livin’?!

Freo vs Hawthorn


Brayshaw (157)Ho hey! Bray continued the theme of uuuuuuge premo scores on Saturday night with 150+ of his own! He has always had this ceiling – coaches with long memories will cast their minds back to R2 last season when Bray posted 180!!! Yes, yours truly did recommend him as a captain option that week.

Young (102)Gee this bloke is a tease! After five weeks of very little, Young now has back to back tons. You can see why Freo want the nurrie in his hands with his elite kicking on both pegs. Will entice a few!


Sicily (70) – Clearly still had Matty Wade, Tim Paine and all other Tasmanians living rent free in his head…

Greene (6)

Port Adelaide vs Essendon


Merrett (120) – Standard Zach back where he belongs topping the scores for the Dons! The good news for coaches? He only needed 28 touches to go 120 – it was his 10 tackles that were a real standout.

Parish (117) – More of the Parish we’ve come to know and love! Another lazy 37 disposals and through eight rounds he has a low score of 94! Very nice indeed.

Butters (111)Organic Butters. Seemed to have plenty of midfield minutes and topped the charts for the Pear in only 71% game time!

Dyl Will (92)

It’s a great effort by Dyl, but boy does this sum up the Juggernauts week!


Setterfield (70) – Setterfold. Sucked us all in with a monster first two rounds… Now holds a 3 round average of 70 and a 5 round average of 82.

Wines (70) – One of the worst rated Wines going around. Boy I hope he isn’t occupying an M4/M5 position… Might well have Cincotta ‘Discount Pharmacy’ there at this point!

Davey Jnr (34) – Surely there isn’t anyone still holding this turnip?!

Collingwood vs Sydney


Errol (161)Wowzers! We knew he had this ceiling in him but to do it in a 5 goal defeat is very impressive. Yet another 150+ guy that yours truly didn’t select this week!

Parker (117) – Cheeky draft slider anyone?! One of the better to don the red and white.

Mills (110) – After an almighty spray from yours truly, Mills seemed to be around the footy a bit more posting 31 touches and 9 marks. To be fair, owes his coaches about 3×150’s at this point!


Mitchell (72)He’s just not the T.Mitchell he once was… As fantasy coaches in times gone by, there was nothing better than watching Titch handball backwards and finish a game with 50 touches and negative metres gained!

De Goey (60)Your bye is still six weeks away Jordy… Appears to be too busy thinking about his next overseas trip!

Ladhams (44)

Norf vs St Kilda


Ziebell (168) – Hahaha what as absolute piece of piss this game is for the Z-Bull when Norf are happy to chip it around in the defensive half for 120 minutes. Nearly single-handedly won me a league matchup… More on that later!

Stocker (127) – Stocks up! 16 marks in this 127 in a massive breakout game from the Carltank reject.

Wanganeen-Milera (125) – Flew well and truly under the radar whilst Sinclair had some Norf vegetable running around with him all night. One to watch in future seasons Sainters don’t mind going through Nas out of D50.


Sinclair (79) – Maybe a little tough given he had some Norf bloke dry humping him all evening, however, when you’ve got oppo uniques pumping out 150+ you are well and truly left for dead!

LUD (69) Fraudulent. After an awesome start to 2023, it would appear LDU is knocking back a few too many UDL’s in his down time.

Taylor (55) Two first names and tagging one of my players. One for the peanut gallery.

The Juggernaut Review

That’s it. There’s your Juggernaut review for this week.

Life’s funny you know one week you’re sitting pretty in the top 1900, the next week you bring in Neale and Angwin who combine for 91 points, you slide 2000 spots in the rankings and turn into utter cannon fodder for the rest of the competition.

So how did we all go in round 8? Flex your score in the comments below!

Best of luck for next week legends!

Yours in fantasy,

Fantasy fanatic #70


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