Fantasy Face-off: Stephen Coniglio vs Tim Taranto

Compare the pair… Same age, same income, same starting balance…

All super advertisement gags aside, they say comparison is futile. What they don’t know is that this is AFL Fantasy so bugger that, it’s the name of the game to compare players and make potentially premiership winning decisions!

In this series of articles, I will put two players of interest head to head to see how they stack up against each other! Inevitably, as Fantasy coaches we are often faced the conundrum of “pick one”, whether that be due to salary cap squeeze, team structure, upcoming fixtures, etc.

For context, I will present multiple quickfire ✅ (Pros) and (Cons) and from there try and split the two to come to a final verdict!

Without further ado, here is your first Fantasy Face-off! And boy it is a tasty one with former team mates Stephen Coniglio and Tim Taranto going head-to-head.

Stephen ConiglioPlayer Tim Taranto
BWS GiantsClubRichmond
212022 Games Played16
98.42022 Avg.95.5


✅ After spending prolonged stints forward early in 2022, Cogs returned to his natural habitat as a gun midfielder and did not disappoint! From R10 onwards, Cogs averaged 109 fantasy points and attended an average of 68% CBAs! Juicy stuff!

✅ The departures of Hopper (52% CBAs) and Taranto (44% CBAs) only helps Cogs’ cause to remain at the coalface in 2023. When he is in there the results speak for themselves!

✅ In the first five rounds of season 2023, Cogs comes up against four opponents (Port, West Coast, Essendon and Hawthorn) in which he tonned up last time they met. West Coast and Hawthorn also ranked in the top 3 for fantasy points conceded across 2022.

Durability has always been a concern with Cogs having not managed to suit up for a full season in his 11 year career. He did however, play 21 of a possible 22 games in season 2022.

The arrival of Adam Kingsley is the dawn of a new era at BWS and this could create some uncertainty. I imagine Kingsley will be keen to shuffle the magnets to see what his list is capable of – however, I can’t see this affecting Cogs!


Taranto arrives at the Tiges to fill a need – that is, to win bulk clearances and get plenty of footy at the coalface. Richmond don’t have the same midfield stocks as BWS and the likes of Cotchin (74% CBAs), Prestia (65% CBAs) and Dusty (37% CBAs) aren’t getting any younger!

Unlike Cogs, Taranto doesn’t necessarily need bulk CBAs to bolster his scoring. In 2021, Taranto only attended an average of 49% CBAs yet averaged an elite 107.8!

Taranto enters the 2023 as a 25 year old in the prime of his career and faces Carltank in R1An opposition who he piled on 123 fantasy points in his last meeting (R19, 2022) – this was in a six goal loss if you don’t mind!

In recent times, Richmond haven’t been the most fantasy friendly club going around. In 2022, they ranked 14th for fantasy points for despite making the finals… Their highest averaging player was Jayden Short with 97.9.

Taranto enters a new environment which, much like Cogs, may bring about some uncertainty in relation to role and adapting to a new game style… Richmond aren’t known as a high possession side which may affect his numbers.

ICYMI: Wonder if Richmond will pull any of these sort of shenanigans on ‘Tommy”…


Porque no los dos? Honestly, you couldn’t go wrong selecting both of these guns. I think they go on to average 100+ in season 2023 and comfortably rank in the top 6 forwards barring any setbacks! However, this is Fantasy face-off and we’re not here to dick around! If you have to select one, I’m going Cogs by a bee’s dick. His recent form line is better than Taranto’s and the departures of Hopper and Taranto himself make Cogs’ role a mouth-watering prospect – I would expect a CBA percentage in the vicinity of 70-75% to which he will cash in big time! Lets hope this is confirmed in preseason fixtures.

What did you make of the very first edition of ‘Fantasy Face-off’? Who would you like to see go head-to-head over the preseason? Let me know in the comments! Thoughts, feedback and banter welcome!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70

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