2023 Practice Matches Quickfire Review: Carlton vs Sydney

Friday night footy saw the Swans and Blues face off on a greasy and wet surface at Bankstown… In the end, the Swannies were just too good for the young Blues, prevailing by 43 points.

Final Score

Sydney 14.13 (97)

Carlton 7.12 (54)

Let’s rip in to the all important fantasy review!


Docherty ($977k DEF, 143) – My word how good is this guy?! In defence, midfield? It really doesn’t matter for Doch. He started back, taking plenty of kick-ins and cashing in on a heap of +6’s before moving on ball in the second half akin to Carlton’s previous praccy match. At $977K, it is asking a lot but you know what you are going to get.

Cincotta (200K DEF/MID, 73) – Can’t say I noticed the mature-aged recruit much in this match and he still manages a 73 in what can only be a good sign! At basement price, coaches will be ready to pounce if Cincotta is named in R1.

Cerra ($780K MID, 70) – Interesting… Cerra was primarily deployed as a midfielder but spent some time down back in the second half – most likely to fill Docherty’s void. He even chimed in from the kick-ins, getting his lick of the ice-cream for a cheap +3. Could be a nice draft slider.

Hollands ($280K MID, 68)Playing off a wing, this kid is showing a lot of promise. An elite runner, he found good spots all night and was rewarded, particularly early with seven touches in Q1… He did slow down a bit as we come to expect from these raw rookies. He’ll be in the conversation for an R1 debut.

Cowan ($242K DEF, 47) – Yes the score doesn’t look great but he played much better than what his stats suggest. He looks a real goer and has to be a chance at an R1 debut based on what I’ve seen! Playing in defence so hopefully he can find a way to cash in on a few cheapies as well.

Cripps ($903K MID, DNP) – Crippa didn’t pull on the jersey after a minor ankle sprain during last week’s practice match. Likely to get up for R1 so no concerns there.

Midfield Mix: Hewett, Cerra, Kennedy, Dow, Z.Fisher, Docherty (2nd half).

Kick-Ins: Docherty, Saad, Cerra.


Errol ($735K MID/FWD, 177) – King Errol. It was as if Errol had brought his own Sherrin to Bankstown! 45 disposals, 3 goals and ownership % increasing by the hour. Errol started in the guts and his lethal left foot is a huge asset to the Swannies! The big question mark is how the impending return of Mills affects Errol’s role…

Matty Roberts ($200K MID, 67) – After playing one game in 2022 for a piss poor six fantasy points, Matty did 11x better and played 69% of the match! I’d say he’s on the fringe and will likely see some game time in 2023. Keep an eye on him!

Rowbottom ($726K MID, 46)After finishing 2022 like a house on fire, Rowbottom was barely sighted despite playing his fair share of midfield minutes. Those bullish on the young lad have piped down a bit…

Lloyd ($807K DEF, 41) – Yikes! Yes the conditions were not conducive to his high mark game but nothing is really exciting me about Llloooooyd here. At $807K, it will be a bridge too far for many coaches, particularly with Blakey’s ongoing emergence!

Pills, Thrills, Callum Mills ($983K MID, DNP) – Word out of the Swans camp was that Mills missed due to a finger injury but is likely to be right for round 1. He will be a bit underdone heading in which is not ideal…

Midfield Mix: Parker, Errol, Warner, M.Roberts, Rowbottom.

Kick-Ins: Blakey, Lloyd, Campbell.

What a launch from Braeden Campbell!

Who else was on your watchlist in this match? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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