2022 Fantasy Review: Fremantle

Flagmantle Fremantle... Not a bad season but once again the only ship that will never dock in Freo is the premiership. From a fantasy perspective, it was basically all about the dynamic duo of Brayshaw and Brodie... In these reviews, we will take a closer look at each club’s Fantasy snapshot for season 2022, whilst I nominate players for MVP, best rookie and biggest flop. I will also provide my two cents on what to look out for in 2023!

Fantasy Fanatic’s 2022 All-Australian Team

With the recent unveiling of the 2022 All-Australian team, I was inspired by my stunt double (twin brother!) to create a squad for the 2022 season based purely on Fantasy numbers. Selection criteria is simple: highest averaging players and highest points scored in their respective positions across the season get a run! A starting side of 22 will be selected with an interchange/emergency in each position for a grand total of 26 players chosen. How much different will the Fantasy Fanatic's 2022 All-Australian team be to the official AA team selected on the 24th of August? Read on to find out!

The Weekend That Was: Round 23 (Big Dance)

And just like that we say goodbye to the 2022 Fantasy season... Hopefully you were able to bring some respectable scoring to the table to finish the season on a high, unlike yours truly who has been in complete damage control since about R10! Congratulations are in order for thousands of coaches who got the W while thousands of others will be wondering where it all went wrong. Without further ado, here is your final 'The Weekend That Was' for season 2022!

The Weekend That Was: Round 22 (Prelim Finals)

And just like that, the big dance is finally upon us! That is, for the thousands of lucky bastards coaches who reigned supreme in prelim weekend! Undoubtedly a mixture of heartbreak and pure elation all over Fantasy land as losers bring on mad Monday and winners look ahead to the climax... Hopefully you are one of those playing for more than pride in round 23! 22 down, 1 to go! Time for The Weekend That Was.

The Weekend That Was: Round 21 (Semi-Finals)

They say that finals footy is "a different kettle of fish". I'd argue that extends to AFL Fantasy circles - win lose or draw, there were many a stud rising to the occasion and many a dud succumbing under pressure, seemingly inexplicably! We had some massive individual scores, premiums channelling their inner rookie and a whole bunch of crabs in between! Time to vent... I'm sure there are thousands of coaches out there that need this! 21 down, 2 to go... Time for The Weekend That Was.

The Weekend That Was: Round 20 (Finals Week 1)

Round 20... The beginning of the end. For some that end has come far too soon (bring on Mad Monday!) while for others, we press on with bigger fish to fry in the coming three weeks. A mix of heartbreak and pure elation in Fantasy circles! As always, a host of spuds to rinse and guns to pump up! I get the feeling there are a lot of coaches out there that need this! Without further ado here is The Weekend That Was for Round 20!

The Weekend That Was: Round 18

And just like that we are over three quarters through what has been a season of ups and down, swings and roundabouts, ebbs and flows, wax and wanes and good and utterly crud times! Look no further than yours truly for someone who has copped majority of the downs, wanes and utterly crud times (mostly self-inflicted mind you!). Anyhow I digress... Time to roast a few blonks and pump up a couple in the process! 18 down, 5 to go... Time for The Weekend That Was!

The Weekend That Was: Round 17

Round 17... Some bonkers results which were not limited to the final scores! We had legitimate captain options put up howlers, coupled with some monstrous individual scores. Hopefully you didn't cop the rough end of the stick and have a squad ready to carry the momentum into crunch time. This may be a little presumptuous, but I'm backing most of my loyal followers will make top-8 in some sort of league! As always, plenty to unpack, both good and bad. 17 down, 6 to go... time for The Weekend That Was!

The Weekend That Was: Round 16

Wowee... that was next level liquorice all sorts, even in Fantasy land! We had blokes pinging strings, late omissions, pills, thrills and Callum Mills, rucking hell and some massive individual scores. Hopefully you got through relatively unscathed and cashed in on a generally high-scoring round! 16 down, 7 to go... Time for the Weekend That Was.