2023 Practice Matches Quickfire Review: Collingwood vs Hawthorn

Thursday arvo down at Pig Park saw Hawthorn take on Collingwood in a tight tussle… In the end, the hawks will rue missed opportunities in front of goal with the Pies getting up by a straight kick! From a fantasy perspective, plenty to discuss.

Final Score

Collingwood 15.16 (106)

Hawthorn 14.16 (100)

Let’s get stuck in to the quickfire fantasy review.


Mitchell ($853K MID, 91)Has slotted into Collingwood’s midfield pretty seamlessly. Started on ball and kept the scoring ticking over all day. Some have raised concern over Collingwood’s high rotations through the midfield… I’m not too concerned and with the Pig priced at 96 ($853K), I don’t see a great deal of risk here!

Cameron ($725K RUC/FWD, 77) – Cox starting in the ruck again is a worry for these keen on big Cameron… He was solid enough but I just can’t justify the selection – as we know Collingwood loves big Cox!

N.Daicos ($769K DEF, 58) – Had Maginness wearing him like a glove all day… The concern is if more teams are looking at putting time into a Collingwood player, it’s probably going to be Daicos. A huge compliment to a guy is his second season of footy but not ideal for us fantasy coaches.

Chief Minister Billy Frampton ($542K DEF, 35) – Had a kick-in.

Midfield Mix: De Goey, Mitchell, Crisp, Adams, Dependles.

Kick-Ins: N.Daicos, Howe, Moore, Noble, Frampton.


Mackenzie ($288K MID, 92)Gee this kid looked up to the level! He started on the ball in a huge show of faith from Sammy Mitchell. The young fella did not disappoint. Clean at ground level, used it well and stacked up well against a physical, experienced midfield unit that is Collingwood. I’d expect his current ownership of 31% to push toward 40% in no time after that showing. He also rotated forward, snagging a goal.

Sicily ($854K DEF, 87)Just Sic doing Sic things. Didn’t defend great but racked up plenty of cheapies and kick-ins. Priced a 96, I don’t see a heap of upside but he’ll be consistent.

Worpel ($463K MID, 85) – Solid as a rock. It’s as if he has a point to prove after a pox 2022 season. Worpel was busy around the clearances and his physicality was what stood out for me. 30 touches in only 67% game time! Priced at 52, you imagine his 23% ownership will climb.

Day ($537K DEF, 73) – Has clearly spent some time tossing iron over the preseason but hasn’t lost any of his athleticism and endurance in the process. Played plenty of midfield minutes and was clean around the contest. At $537K, coaches will be tempted…

Greene ($200K FWD, 67) – After being dumped by the doggies, Greene has found his way on to Hawthorn’s list with a point to prove! 3.2 playing out of FF in what was a solid outing. Job security should be okay though I wouldn’t count on big scoring from Fergus.

Dyl Moore ($826K FWD, 63) – Dynamic Dyl. 43% time on ground but unfortunately nil midfield time for Dyl! He’s a gun at half-forward rolling up into the stoppages but the role is not idyl (see what I did there)… Particularly if Hawthorn are on the end of a few royal dickings this season.

Meek ($473K RUC, 50) – Was the better of Hawthorns rucks but didn’t set the world on fire… At $473K, it will be a selection fraught with risk unless we are given assurance Meek will be playing as the lone ruck man! Even then I imagine most coaches will settle on the ‘set n forget’ ruck structure.

Husthwaite ($228K MID, 31) – Came on in the second half and was solid in his 33% game time… Seems to be composed with the footy and a great user so don’t be surprised if Husthwaite gets a few games this season.

Midfield Mix: Newcombe, Nash, Mackenzie, Worpel, Day, McDonald, Ward.

Kick-Ins: Hardwick, Sicily, Bramble.

Who else was on your watchlist in this match? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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