The Weekend That Was: Round 11

Round 11... In general, a pretty standard round of footy with par around 2200. Par certainly won't be 2200 over the coming four weeks as we enter the byes - more on that later! Read on for you weekly fix of corrosive footy chat! 11 down, 13 to go… Must be time for The Weekend That Was!


The Weekend That Was: Round 10

Round 10... A largely fruitful round in fantasy land for coaches with some big dogs putting up some uuuuuuge numbers! Conversely, the weekend was another reminder that we need to be 'rookie recycling' and getting them off the field in a hurry in the lead up to the all important byes. Read on for your weekly fix of corrosive fantasy footy chat! 10 down, 14 to go… Must be time for The Weekend That Was!

The Weekend That Was: Round 23 (Big Dance)

And just like that we say goodbye to the 2022 Fantasy season... Hopefully you were able to bring some respectable scoring to the table to finish the season on a high, unlike yours truly who has been in complete damage control since about R10! Congratulations are in order for thousands of coaches who got the W while thousands of others will be wondering where it all went wrong. Without further ado, here is your final 'The Weekend That Was' for season 2022!

The Weekend That Was: Round 22 (Prelim Finals)

And just like that, the big dance is finally upon us! That is, for the thousands of lucky bastards coaches who reigned supreme in prelim weekend! Undoubtedly a mixture of heartbreak and pure elation all over Fantasy land as losers bring on mad Monday and winners look ahead to the climax... Hopefully you are one of those playing for more than pride in round 23! 22 down, 1 to go! Time for The Weekend That Was.