AFL Fantasy Round 2 Ready: Captains, Rookie Radar and Final Thoughts

Get yourself Fantasy ready for round 2 with this last minute guide!

Round 2 Resources:

Round 2 results so far:

Carlton 16.6 (102)

Western Bulldogs 13.12 (90)

Vice Captaincy Loophole Options

We had a number of juicy VC options heading into the Dogs vs Blues game last night. Let’s take a look at how they all went.

  • Macrae (103) – Was probably the pick of the bunch for owners… solid score but not enough to warrant a loophole! You can do better elsewhere.
  • Cripps (123) – Now this is more like it! You’re taking 246 guaranteed points every day of the week.
  • Dunkley (112) – Very lineball here with Dunks who finished with a wet sail to post 112. I can see both sides of the argument with some tasty C options this weekend. You wouldn’t be begrudged for taking the punt… just don’t be surprised if it comes back to bite you!
  • Treloar (115)230 guaranteed points, for most coaches this is par… I’d bank it.
  • Bont (96) – Again, solid without being outstanding. Pass.

Quickfire Captains Options

Others to consider: Christian Petracca, Zach Merrett, Tim Taranto, Tom Mitchell.

Rookie Radar

Must Haves:

  • Nic Martin I’ve sung his praises multiple times this week but in case you were living under a rock, the Alpha Martin played one of the greatest debuts in living memory with a monstrous 130 points! With a breakeven of -44 he is every chance of eclipsing $350K this week. Last chance to get onboard for non-owners! And just like that, news has come through that the Alpha Martin has entered the AFL’s health & safety protocols and is unavailable for round 2…. f*ck this game sh*ts me sometimes.
  • Jack Hayes – How good is it to see the Hayes name live on at St Kilda (he is also 1 of about 15 ‘Jacks’ on the list – which surely helped him nab a spot!). Hayes was awesome in round 1 with 111 points and will be pushing $350K in the coming weeks. With a breakeven of -31, he is a must have! Bulk cash generation incoming.
  • Josh ‘Michelle’ Rachele and Nicky Daicos – Should already be locked and loaded. Both likely to push above $400K in the next few weeks! Cha-ching!

Team Selections – Round 2:

Well, well, well… I’m sure all of us had the best of intentions from a trading perspective until the bombshell that is team selections dropped about 6:30pm yesterday evening! Team selections have a knack of shitting all over your trade plans with absolute carnage left, right and centre! I thought I had it bad with 3 rooks and a mid-pricer out (although to call Milera a mid-pricer is an insult to other mid-pricers.)! Then I got a message from a mate of mine who copped Milera, McInerney, Cerra and most likely 2 or 3 rooks… Unfortunately, 6 doesn’t go into 2 in anyone’s language… Good luck my friend, you’re going to need it! It seems many coaches will have blokes riding the pine doing sweet F.A this weekend… Yes, I flagged this would happen at some point but really, as early as round 2!

Key Holds

  • Corey Durdin ($212K FWD, CARL) – 22
  • Josh Gibcus ($276K DEF, RICH)
  • Josh Ward ($284K MID, HAW)
  • Joel Smith ($236K DEF, MELB)
  • Connor McDonald ($253K MID, HAW)
  • Will Brodie ($409K MID/FWD, FREO)
  • Hugh Dixon ($197K FWD/RUC, WCE)*
  • Brady Hough ($239K MID, WCE)*

* Denotes player in Sunday extended squad yet to be finalised.

Key Ins

  • Sam Walsh ($914K MID, CARL) – 89
  • Jake Lloooooooyd ($823K DEF, SYD)
  • Mitch Duncan ($841K MID/FWD, GEEL)
  • Luke Pedlar ($210K MID/FWD, ADEL)
  • Josh Sinn ($268K DEF/MID, PA)
  • Sam Skinner ($190K DEF/FWD, PA)
  • Nick Haynes ($590K DEF, GWS)
  • Tim Kelly ($707K MID, WCE)
  • Luke Shuey ($668K MID, WCE)
Don’t get too excited there Sinn-Dawg!

Injured/H&S Protocols

  • Adam Cerra ($749K MID, CARL)
  • Bazlenka Smith ($781K MID, WB)
  • Sam De Koning ($190K DEF/FWD, GEEL)
  • Nic Martin ($266K FWD, ESS)
  • Justin McInerney ($565K DEF, SYD)
  • Mason ‘Big Telescopic’ Cox ($383K FWD, COLL)
  • Dion ‘Human Meatball’ Prestia ($732K MID, RICH)
  • Christian Salem ($717K DEF, MELB)

Notable Omissions

  • Wayne Milera ($382K DEF, ADEL)
  • Jake Soligo ($214K MID, ADEL)
  • Kaine Baldwin ($194K FWD, ESS)
  • Jackson Mead ($205K MID, PA)
  • Angus Sheldrick ($255K MID, SYD)
  • Jaidyn Stephenson ($690K FWD, NM)
  • Mitchito Owens ($223K MID, STK)

Final Thoughts

Remember, we are only 1 week into a 23 week season! While there were plenty of underperformers in round 1, don’t panic and get stuck with knee-jerk moves that you will regret longer term. Case in point with Big Max Gawn who hit a piss poor 73 in round 1 last season and went on to average 109! Moral of the story is to wield the axe wisely! You picked your (specifically) premiums for a reason, now it is time for them to hold up their end of the bargain. Given all the carnage at the selection table, you would be one of very few coaches afforded a luxury trade this weekend anyway! With the rolling lockout, it may be worth holding on to at least one trade as there is every possibility that the Fantasy gods throw us another curveball between now and Sunday night!

Cheers legends and bring on round 2!

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