The Weekend that Was: Round 6

Lest we forget. A historic round on the footy calendar to commemorate those who served (and are currently serving) our country. Unfortunately for some fantasy coaches, it was one to forget… we had reliable captain options spudding it up, rooks struggling to crack 60 and then there was Butters… what nightmares are made of.

Let’s get stuck in to the Weekend That Was – Round 6 Edition!

St Kilda vs GWS


Higgins (116) – The man affectionately known as ‘Snags’ seemed to be dangerous any time the ball went in his area… GWS didn’t have a good match up for him and he cashed in big-time! 13 kicks and 9 marks for his 4.3… could’ve been 6 or 7 goals if he wasn’t acting like a gazzilionaire snapping around his body from directly in front.

Steele (110)Standard Steeley back home in Canberra! 29 touches and 8 tackles extending his run of tons to six!

Preuss (105)Bang! Big Preussy picked up where he left off and was unfazed with sharing the ruck responsibilities… Took some massive clunks, particularly early in the game showing that he can be a threat forward of the ball. Watch the cash monies roll in!


Cogs (79) – Give me one word to describe Cogs’ season thus far… mediocre. Seems to be less and less prevalent in the midfield with some bloke named Tanner hogging his CBAs on Friday night – alarm bells ringing for owners!

Taranto (65) – A rare off-night for TT… Awesome for non-owners with a couple of weeks of massive price drops incoming! Before anyone asks… if you own, hold.

Hill (32) – Really Brad… Why in the f*ck are we paying you upwards of $800,000 to run around doing circle work, by yourself, without a footy for 120 minutes?!

Hayes (18)Sad reacts only… Footy is such a cruel game sometimes. Went down early with a left ACL injury in the first qtr. Jack has made a great impression to date and was looking the goods early again in his 11% time on ground. Sadly a must trade and very unfortunate to those who fielded…

Stein (17) – Oohhh dear this was an absolute train-wreck… we knew he was pox from a Fantasy perspective, but he has taken avoiding the football at all costs to a new level… Hayes with a cactus ACL would probably average more than this hack! If he happens to be on your field – ta-da to your season!

Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide


Dunks (138) Bonkers from Dunks who pumped out his sixth consecutive ton… 3 of which have been >128 points! The guy is worth his weight in gold on ceiling alone and if you are a non-owner he’s probably out of reach for a little while given his pricetag… you’d have to sell the farm to make it happen! A lock at F1.

Libba (127) – Typical hard-nosed performance from Homer with 33 disposals, 10 tackles and 0 marks – haaaates a cheap +6 does this man!

ROB (121) – How about that for a game from the big red-headed, technology nuff (see below for context – instant meme)! Clearly revelled in the absence of Timmy English and was massive 17 touches, 4 marks, 5 tackles and 49 hitouts! Still behind the big dogs but a cheeky draft slider for some.


Macrae (88) – Yeah perhaps a little harsh, but the fact is Macca was cruising toward another ton with 66 to HT… Not sure if he took off to Sovereign Hill down there in Ballarat at HT? Anyone at the game care to fill us in?

Bont (73) – Hard to see the Bont playing more midfield minutes with that current mix… seems to be spending a lot of time forward given he is one that can actually play the role well. A big name but a hard pass at this point!

Rachele (40) – The kid has been awesome for us but it is his time to go… Can’t see him generating any more cash and that forward pocket role is known to produce patchy at best scoring!

Hately (39)Called up to the 1’s… might be straight back to the magoos before he knows it!

Basket Case vs Glorified Traffic Cones


Marshall (137)

Houston (134), Wines (118), Boak (117), Finlayson (116), Powell-Pepper (111), Drew (110) – Only blokes half relevant here are Houston, Wines and maybe Boak… Houston loves a flat track and Wines hasn’t missed a beat after missing a week with heart palpitations (pardon the pun)! Port had a total of 8 blokes go 110+! This is more an illustration of how sh*thouse the Weagles are at this stage… Blame Covid, mozzie virus or Gatorade tampering all you want but at this at this point you’d rather soak your eyes in bleach than watch the traffic cones in action.

Rozee (119) – Now here’s a guy that’s going to get a bit more air-time given his form and role change over the past two weeks! Backed up his 113 from last weekend and crucially, seemed to be playing a lot more time on-ball… High-risk, high-reward on steroids here – remember it was only 5 weeks ago when he pumped out a paltry 21! It would only take about $65K to get from Rachele to him…

Witherden (117)Hack Jack Ziebell 2.0 anyone? Kick-ins, tick. Cheap +6’s, tick. Ball in his area (D50) every 30 seconds, tick… Ticking more boxes than West Coast kicked goals in the first 3 quarters!


Butters (34) – Apparently was crook during the week… I’d say he still had gastro on Saturday arvo – pure sh*t Zac! They eventually just put him on ice (or the anti-diarrheals) halfway through the last quarter after sitting forward for most of the second half! Rage trade central!

Foley (25) – Wow… that was an absolute mare given the ball was in your area every 30 seconds Luke! Can’t believe there was a coach in the top 2 of the entire competition heading into this round with him on the field… the equivalent of deadweight occupying D5/D6.

Rioli (25) – The Rioli-coaster just hit an all time low…

Freo vs Carlton


Cripps (123)1 week hamstring, surely not?! Crippa picked up where he left off in round 4, activating beast-mode on his way to 32 disposals and 3 goals! Looking good for those who decided to hold… touchwood our man stays injury free! Would have been plenty out there with a stiffy last week after going Crippa to Bazlenka… one week is a long-time in Fantasy footy!

Doch (121) – Here’s that ceiling I was talking about… we know what he is capable of on his day and this was in a losing side! His fantasy friendly role off half-back is here to stay!

Walsh (117) and Hewett (115) – Yeah wasn’t one of Walsh’s most damaging games but as a Fantasy coach, ya couldn’t care less! Hewett cashed in on the feast of points for Carlton mids with 115 of his own!

Brayshaw (116) Standard Bray – there’s something special about nothing special! This bloke just gets it done week-in, week-out, beast.


Serong (66) – Goes and backs up his ton with a piss poor 60… Even with 25 touches, only managed the 66 – any danger of a cheap +6 around the ground? Just hug a bloke at a stoppage and you’ll get 4 points Caleb!

Williams (62)

Turdin Durdin (28)F8 at best, preferably traded out of your side forever.

Frederick (2) – These single-figure scores seem to be happening wayyyy more often than they should be… Samson Ryan would be proud of you Michael! One more free-kick against and you would have become immortal for all the wrong reasons… 85% time on ground – mind-blowing!

Geelong vs Norf


Touhy (125) – Honestly a remarkable effort given how little the ball was is Geelong’s D50… Irrelevant in classic but as a draft slider, you could do worse!

Cameron (118) – Like a Sunday picnic for the church for Jezza… Toying with a NEAFL standard defence! Never forgot the age old rule however – steer clear of key forwards.

Guthrie (107) – About time Cam… I shouldn’t be too harsh on him given he contributed to my 70th place and hat last season! So glad he over-performed when it mattered – surely you didn’t start with him at $922K?

De Koning (45) – Gee calm the f*ck down Sammy, you might just go from D8 to D7 for all your hapless owners with this type of form! Just went and eclipsed his best ever score by 10 points! No sarcasm here at all…


Norf, the whole establishment… not one of the potatoes managed above 90 points in another non-competitive 60 points loss! Where do I start?!

Ziebell (72) – I sincerely hope no one is running with the former seagull anymore… seems to be a perma forward now and you know what that means, he’ll be lucky to see the ball twice per quarter (only slightly exaggerated)! What even is a cheap +6??? What do you mean I have to put in effort to even score half decently?

Thomas (51) – Remember when this guy was hyped during the preseason…? Yeah, me neither!

Goldy (49) – This has shades of the Boomer Harvey story from about 6 years ago… Watching the game today, Goldy is still their best shout in the ruck and Xerri couldn’t catch a cold!

Brisbane vs Gold Coast


Lyons (128)Vintage Lyons! Importantly, started the game in the centre bounce and beat up on the Suns with 30 disposals, 10 tackles and a goal! Under-priced premo anyone? He could be your man if you can’t get to a big dog >$900K. Might not see him this cheap again for a while…

Anderson (118) – So I’ve criticised Noah in the past for being inconsistent, however, the fact is, he has only dropped under 90 points on one occassion this season... notably that was a 55! When he starts to show a ceiling (or somehow gets DPP) he will be relevant!

Miller (111)Touk started slowly but quickly reminded us of his scoring power, pumping out a 75 points 2nd half! Another in the under-priced premo category… he has got to be high on your radar as an upgrade target!

McCarthy (110) – A bit random but the journeyman bought up the 100 game milestone in style with a nice stat line of 22 disposals, 6 marks, 7 tackles and a goal.


Zorko (56)Mr Boom-Bust himself gets his first score between 46 and 108 for the season ladies and gentlemen… Wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him!

Corbett (11)

Richmond vs Melbourne


Oliver (129)Niiiiiiice, Clarry! Leather poisoning for the ginger-lad with a massive 41 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles! Imagine if he beefs up those mark and tackle stats… a scary proposition!

Short (127)Fwaaa… what a man! Incredible to think Jayden just runs around in circles and the ball lands in his lap more often than not… That’s 4/6 scores above 117huge ceiling that you would haaaate to be missing out on! Easily a top 6 defender.

Big Max (119) – Imagine flicking Max 3 weeks ago to ‘save cash’… the man is averaging 130 in that time – the best of any player in the comp! Quintessential.

Prestia AKA ‘Human Meatball’ (104) – Got nothing for you Dion, just a fan of your nickname!

Gibcus (89)Seriously Josh? Where was this 6 weeks ago when we actually needed you?! At least you are finally vindicating my call that you can play! He finally looked interested in getting around the cheap +6’s in the back half… Definite hold for a few weeks if you somehow still own. #kissed


Petracca (76) – A rare quiet month for Trac – having averaged a lacklustre 88 over the past 4 weeks! Really crap his 26% of owners… The other 74% of the competition will be licking their lips when Trac bottoms out in price in about 3 weeks!

Bolton (37) – Not sure why I still give Shai a mention in the weekly article… Has featured in the ‘duds’ in 4 out of a possible 6 weeks – impressive strike rate man, really awesome stuff!

Lynch (30)

Sydney vs Hawthorn


Mills (162) – This was brewing for some time! 3 votes C.Mills. He is the big dog in that Sydney midfield and those who heeded the advice and popped the C on Callum will be cock-a-hoop this week! Incredible to think he is only owned by 3% of the competition…

Mitchell (109) – Is Tommy ‘the pig’ Mitchell back? I’m not sold just yet – he wasn’t in the centre bounce to start the game as coach Sam Mitchell continues the theme of exposing the young brigade. If he can string together some good form we know what he is capable of… bonus is we could pick him up at <$850K, bargain!

Sicily (100) – Honestly makes me sick (not as crook as Butters though) seeing this man just rack up uncontested marks and kicks for fun… In what universe can you run your own AFL Fantasy website and not select a guy who is $200K-$300K underpriced?! Remarkable.


Lloyd (72) – Any danger of a trademark cheap +6 Jakey?! He only managed 3 marks in his 72 and has only tonned on 1/6 occasions! It’s a hold but time to pull your finger out Llooooyd – get BT back in the comm box for Sydney games!

Heeney (66) – Finally, Heeney’s hot streak came to an end with a quiet day at the office by his lofty standards… still likely to be a top 6 forward so don’t go moving him on anytime soon!

McCartin (35)3×30’s in a row… quickly turning into that prepubescent goldilocks (De Koning) 2.0! A great footy comeback story and lets hope it isn’t cut short after he was subbed out in Q3 with another potential concussion – the man can’t catch a break!

McDonald (34)Cooked! Peaked in value, thank you for your services Connor but it is time to move him on.

Collingwood vs Essendon


Merrett (115) – Boom! Back a month early from a syndesmosis injury, Zach picked up where he left off with 36 disposals, 4 marks and 4 tackles! Surely teams are taking the P155 with these injury reports… at team selection we don’t even know what a players injury is – all we get is OUT: Maya Sol (injured) for example.

Parish (114)44 touches, probably about 45 metres gained for the day but this won’t worry his 5% of owners! Absolute ball magnet.

Grundy (105)Colossal in Q4 when the whips were cracking, kicking the sealer to get to a ton! Owners will be hoping for more of the same.

Alpha Martin (86) – Hard to believe this man wasn’t getting a run at an AFL club over the past two years – his footy IQ must be right up there and he just looks elite every time he goes near it! At this rate, Alpha is one of your final rook upgrades!


Heppell (63) – That’s 3/6 in the ‘duds’ for Dyson… 2% ownership and for good reason – steer clear!

Hobbs (46)Harsh on a young kid but things were looking rosy with a 40 point first half… so frustrating watching Essendon bypass the kid when he was the better option on many occasions! In fairness, Hobbsy is about 3ft tall so no one can see him from further than 20 metres away.

Baldwin (26)

McInnes (13) – I know a great Reef or two… and you are not one of them! If he gets a run next week there is only one possible explanation – Craig McCrae has the spud locked in at M9/M10.

The Juggernaut Review

2023. Ughhh… it’s not catastrophic but this squad is no further out of the sh*t created over the first six weeks!

Do you ever just look at your squad and think, how in the f*ck did I miss that guy? This is me every week when I see James Sicily tearing it up for 50% of the competition! As a previous owner, I wasn’t prepared to deal with the potential 40’s/50’s and brain implosions leading to needless weeks off with suspension. The man has been a headache and a half to own in previous years (surely someone can relate)! Of course Sic Dawg has gone and completely dominated, averaging >95, adding $200K to his starting price and hasn’t had a brain fart as yet… It just goes to show, you can’t hold grudges in this game! You can’t ignore someone if the shoe fits, no matter how hard they’ve d*cked you in the past… Gee this game sh*ts me sometimes!

Somehow have got to pick up the pieces and rescue this sinking sink in the coming weeks in the lead up to the byes… I’ve got plenty of cash so it’s time to say thank you for your services and cya later to at least one of my rooks. I’m hoping to target at least one under-priced premo that has a bye in either R13 or R14. It may even be worth having a punt on a mid-pricer – we’ll have to wait and see how it all settles after rage trading 15 blonks!

Thanks again legends and flex how you went in the comments!

Yours in Fantasy,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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