The Weekend That Was: Round 11

And just like that, we are halfway through the AFL season. In a surprising change, we had some massive individual scores and even rookies getting in on the action in what was a timely boost in scoring… Hopefully you’ve come into the all important byes with some momentum!

11 down, 12 to go! Time for The Weekend That Was!

Sydney vs Richmond


Nank (114)6 Frees against?! Did his old side a favour on a number of occasions with some bone-headed acts… Still had 21 disposals, 4 marks and 9 tackles on the night! Big numbers for a ruck man.

Parker (108) – Standard Parks. Takes his 5 round average to 106! Coaches will be loving what he is putting out… Has been awesome since ‘footsteps-gate’.

Mills (107) – Was on track for something bonkers after 45 points in the first quarter including 5 hugs! Horse Longmire then proceeds to move him to full-back and they start winning… a coaching masterstroke. Fantasy coaches would have been livid seeing Mills toss the ball to Lloyd for kick-ins in the second half! Hopefully not a sign of things to come but we know who we’re dealing with here (Horse!).


Short (84) – Okay so it’s not catastrophic… but I did flag the role change as something to watch a couple weeks ago. Seems to be floating between high half-forward and through the mids… Perhaps we need to temper our expectations a little bit? Only has one ton in the last month of footy.

Heeney (51) – Speaking of role… Can’t remember Heeney attending a centre bounce and this was with Mills at full back for over half the game! A headache turned migraine for 29% of the competition.

Rioli (25) – Wow… The Rioli-Coaster on roids! Doesn’t have a score between 25 and 54 in his handful of games. And we thought Willie was inconsistent… At least his sample (hopefully!) had some semblance of actual urine.

Roberts (6)1 kick, 1 handball, 49% time on ground… Still don’t know what he looks like and chances are we’ll never find out! Magoos.

Brisbane vs GWS


Neale (143) – Ran around and basically did what he pleased at the GABBA on Saturday arvo in yet another astonishing example of opponents social distancing from Neale! Incredible to think teams are happy to let Lachie run around and chalk up 30+ possession games for fun!

Berry (133)Berry good! A career best fantasy game from Jarrod with 33 disposals, 10 marks and a goal. One to watch in future seasons I suspect.

Kelly (120)Beast. Vindicated his appearance in the weekly buy, hold, fold article with 31 touches, 6 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals! Now priced at $908K with the bye this week… question is, are you willing to pay top dollar for him post R12?

Cogs (108) – Imagine that… Playing a bloke in his preferred position and it pays off. Started the game at the coalface with stints up forward in another pleasing performance for patient owners! Cogs is shaping up as a nice trade target post R12.

Peatling (89) – Just quietly, since returning to the 1’s has posted scores of 119 and 89! Seems to have found a home at half-forward and looks a threat inside 50. At $448K, the ship has probably sailed unfortunately!


Zorko (49) – Genuinely gastro-inducing. I was having a fairly mundane Saturday arvo until I witnessed Zorks first-half… proceeding to spew my guts up for the next 24-48 hours. Looked about as interested as the spectators on Antiques Roadshow. Another annoying little man occupying a spot in the Juggernauts.

Rich (37) – Speaking of gastro-inducing… Owners would be doing well not to have contracted Monkey Pox after seeing this germ of a performance!

Geelong vs Crom


Stewart (169)

ROB (159) BOOM! How about that for a response?! Big ROB still had steam coming out of his ears after being outcast to the SANFL two weeks ago! My mate coined the term ‘ROB roulette’ during the week… In 9 games he has 5 scores <80 and 3 scores of 115+… Question is, are you game?

Blicavs (135) – Cashed in the on the points fest in the rucks with 135 of his own. Low-key 5 round average of 115 for the former steeplechaser! Has to be considered whenever Stanley is not in the side…

Laird (119) – Gun. Reliable. Trustworthy. Dependable. Honest. Legend.

De Koning (83) – For all the sh*t I’ve given the young lad… credit where credit is due! The kid looks like a man out there now and has shown over the past month that he belongs at AFL level! 61% of the competition enjoying bulk $$$$$.


Duncan (84) – ‘Define mediocre without saying the word mediocre.’ This was typical two first names Mitch Duncan. 20 minutes into the first quarter: 34 points. Final siren: 84 points.

Milera (36)10 weeks in the SANFL did sweet FA to Milera’s output… Laughable that so many of us selected him to start the season.

Narrm vs Freo


Ryan (137) – Huge, but probably an anomaly. Takes his season average to just 81! It’s a no from me.

Lobb (103) – Played a huge role in toppling the previously invincible Narrm! Cops his share of criticism but was awesome when it mattered and cashed in big time once Steven May went down.

Gus Brayshaw (100) – I’m sure Andy was giving it to him on the car trip home but surely Gus has the last laugh after toppling the little bro in the Fantasy scores?!

Bowey (87) – Pleasantly surprising for those kissed owners who were forced to hold… Finally, his 17 game winning streak comes to an end. Seemed like he didn’t know what to think when the final siren went!


Serong (68)Classic Serong. After 3 weeks of dominance, goes and serves up this shite! Wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

Petracca (40)

Western Bulldogs vs Traffic Cones


Dunkley (139) Forward, midfield? Who cares when you’re a bona fide gun of the competition! The man just knows how to fill the stat line with another lazy 25 disposals, 12 marks, 7 tackles and 2 goals. F1 by the length of the Flemington straight over the first 11 rounds.

English (132)Back like he never left! Okay, it was a softer match up but Timmy looked outstanding after overcoming a hammy and Flurona. Fun fact: Timmy actually played as a mid in his junior days until he had a massive growth spurt, turning him into a ruck. He genuinely plays like a 4th mid in what is a huge asset both figuratively and literally to the Dogs.

Kelly (130) – It was as if TK put the blue and white hoops on for the weekend in what was a lone hand… Bit of a shame he finds himself in a side that would be lucky to challenge for a WAFL premiership!

Treloar (129) – Joined in the pile on with 35 touches of his own to go with 9 marks and a goal!

Witherden (105) – Ahhh… that’s better Witho! Returned to the Jack Ziebell 2021 role, taking kick-ins and racking up cheap +6’s that achieve absolutely donuts for the team! Fantasy gold.

Hough (99) – After being labelled a ‘WAFL Colts Traffic Cone’ last week by yours truly, proceeds to amass 23 possessions and 11 marks in a big F you to the Fantasy Fanatic! I’m sure he’s an avid follower…


Bont (80) – A 100+ romping and bulk Fantasy points on a Saturday night @ Optus against some Traffic Cones? Apparently Bont didn’t get the memo… Given he has added FWD status you’d be mad to fold! Should be high on the radar of non-owners.

Jamieson (35) – He tried hard but boy oh boy got absolutely schooled by big Timmy English… Surely will hold his spot given how pox the Traffic Cones are?! Any green dot is useful over the byes!

Gold Coast vs Hawthorn


Ellis (126) – The Brandon Ellis of old was in full flight on Saturday night in Darwin! The man can Fantasy and has a 100+ average season to his name… pass for mine but nice draft slider!

Mitchell (112)


Rowell (66) – Yuck. The guy plays fulltime midfield and only has 8 marks for the season… 8 marks, that is not a typo! Borderline fraudulent. I hope you step on lego you spud!

Wingard (42) – Speaking of fraudulent… Get a load of this blonk! Has 10 disposals in a 60+ point loss yet continues to carry on like a porkchop, playing for free kicks and taunting opposition when he has his one highlight for the game…

Impey (30) – This performance was enough to make onions cry. Genuinely inconceivable Jarman.

St Kilda vs Norf


Anderson (149) – Ho Hey! Jed continued the weekly trend of massive individual scores with 149 of his own. We’ve seen the ceiling with this guy… He’s available for $698K and has <1% ownership! You’d have to have massive nurries to do it!

Sinclair (133) – Wowee! This was a ceiling we have not yet seen from Monsieur Calves himself! Was basically taking the p*ss out of Norf, running around half-back and through the midfield unopposed for most of the match. Takes his 3 round average to 118 if you don’t mind! Another R13 trade target.

Hill (127) – For all the stick I give him, you’ve gotta admit his good is really good! Bought up the 200 games in style with 33 touches, 9 marks and a goal.

Gresh (119) – Joined in the St Kilda avalanche with 30 touches and 2 goals of his own. Has been ultra consistent for those who started!

Owens (95) – After an abysmal 22 in R1, came back into the side after 10 weeks playing for Sandy. He had a role early on Simpkin and snuck forward for two goals in 30 seconds in Q3. Huge cash generation coming and you’d think many coaches will be strongly considering after that R12 bye!


Windhager (47) – I have big raps on this kid but when the lads get up by over 50 points you’re hoping for at least the half ton! R12 bye may be the perfect excuse to give him the flick.

Xerri (39) – Since returning to the side last week, Tristan has been about as useful as tits on a bull… Goldy turns 48 next month and is still their #1 ruck. Really great signs for Norf!!!

Suva Larkey (17)2 kicks in 96% time on ground?! Hahaha.

Collingwood vs Carlton


Walsh (120)The prototype back at it with another splendid all-round performance in a losing cause. Has probably never had a shave but who cares when you can chalk up 35 touches, 5 marks and a goal!

Hew (116)

Doch (114) – Has just about the mother of all Fantasy roles and is cashing in big-time as a result! Always helps when you’ve got guys like Plowman in the side who would prefer to sh*t in his hands and clap than bite off a half-risky kick!


Daicos (52) – Thankfully salvaged a half-ton late with a flurry of points… I’m still tempted to hold given he has that R14 bye. Can understand if you have already flicked him, however!

Turdin (29)

Port Adelaide vs Essington


Parish (119) – The ball magnet just flying under the radar with a 5 round average of 115! Could be a cheeky post-bye POD for those who need to take a punt or 20 in the second half of the season to get anywhere close to the Hilux!

Alpha Martin (113) – Yes sir! Plenty would have pulled the trigger after back to back 60’s from our man… Holders rejoice!

Rozee (113)Very nice indeed! Seemed to be around the ball most of the game and cashed in with his 3rd ton of the season. Probably worth holding through the byes now!


Hayes (34) – Big Hayesy has been serviceable for us coaches without a functioning ruck line-up, however, it looked like he needed the bye as much as anyone out there on Sunday evening. You’d think he’s in the gun for many a coach heading into this week!

Farrell (29)“Such a nice kick of the footy…” Doesn’t matter when you had as many kicks as you’ve got aggots, Kane.

Port Adelaide Cheer Squad (-) – Absolutely ferals the lot of you. If your toast burnt in the morning you’d probably “booooo” that as well! Flogs of the highest order.

The Juggernaut Review

2069. Not even going to bore anyone with the usual “slid in the rankings, dropped a league match or three!” It’s just what we come to expect from a self-proclaimed guru who’s head is the size of a house after one good season – 23 good weeks out of about 180 weeks playing the game.

Right, so I’m not willing to say “AFL Fantasy is completely luck-based”, however, hear me out.

This week my mate Damo had some decisions to make, ultimately he traded in:

  • Reilly O’Brien (ROB) and
  • Jack Sinclair (Monsieur Calves)

Long story short, they combined for a disgusting 292 points! ROB went 159 and Calves went 133! They’ve both gone and produced their best scores of the season by 20-30% and there’s a coach out there that got them both in the same week?! Well played Damo, well played!

Meanwhile, last week I trade in a little pest by the name of Dayne Zorko… His output so far is a grand total of 131 over 2 weeks… Seriously, watching Dayne on the weekend was not only gastro-inducing, but I’ve seen more energy from the Monarchy at the Platinum Jubilee.

Gee whiz this game sh*ts me sometimes!

Anyway, we move onto the good ol’ byes… If you’ve done a bit of planning there’s every chance you are keen for the next three weeks! If not, you may be chasing tail come the back end of the season. Make sure you are ‘bye-ready’ over at:

Best of luck over the byes everyone!

Thanks again legends and flex how you went in the comments!

Yours in Fantasy,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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