AFL Fantasy Round 7 Ready: Captains, Rookie Radar and Final Thoughts

Get yourself Fantasy ready for round 7 with this last minute guide!

Round 7 Resources:

The Weekend That Was: Round 6 –

Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 7 –

Bye Round Ready: Your Complete Guide to Navigating the Dreaded Byes

AFL Team Selections –

Another traditional Friday night fixture to kick off round 7 with the glorified traffic cones taking on the Tigers at Optus… I can’t see many blokes putting their hand up as an early VC option in this game but with the rolling lockout we have flexibility and are spoilt for choice!

Quickfire Captains

Others to consider: Josh Dunkley, Patrick Cripps, Jayden Short, Jack Crisp, Christian Petracca.

Rookie Radar: Round 7 Power Rankings

Team Selections – Round 7

And whaddaya know… after the early news of Grundy out for 10-12 weeks, Thursday night team selections have done nothing to soften the blow! Chances are you’ve been stitched up with some carnage with Tristan Xerri out for up to a month with a foot injury and George Hewett now confirmed out for hopefully just the 1-2 weeks after he sustained a corked calf. Combine these with rookies doing sweet FA on your bench and there is a recipe for a challenging week ahead.

Key Holds

  • Luke Strnadica ($213K RUCK, WCE)
  • Finn Callaghan ($310K MID, BWS)
  • Ben Hobbs ($319K MID, ESS)
  • Ollie Dempsey ($207K FWD, GEEL)
  • Marcus Windhager ($276K MID/FWD, STK)
  • Corey Durdin ($311K FWD, CARL)
  • Paul Curtis ($242K FWD, NM)
  • Robbie McComb* ($210K MID, WB)

*Named in Sunday Extended Squad

Key Ins

  • Greg Clark ($190K MID, WCE)
  • Cooper Hamilton ($190K MID/FWD, BWS)
  • Jackson Callow ($190K FWD, HAW)
  • Jack Viney ($728K MID, MELB)
  • Jake Lever ($459K DEF, MELB)
  • Paddy Ryder ($585K RUCK, STK)
  • Matthew Kennedy ($773K MID, CARL)
  • Jaidyn Stephenson ($674K FWD/MID)
  • Mason ‘Speed Dealerz’ Cox ($374K FWD, COLL)
  • Jack Lukosius ($608K DEF/MID, GCS)
  • Malcolm Rosas* ($276K FWD, GCS)
  • Nakia Cockatoo* ($384K FWD, BL)
  • Tommy Papley* ($545K FWD, SYD)
  • Will Gould* ($190K DEF, SYD)

*Named in Sunday Extended Squad

Injured/H&S Protocols/Managed/Suspended

  • Luke Foley ($512K DEF, WCE)
  • Elliot Yeo ($624K MID, WCE)
  • Sean Darcy ($669K RUCK, FREO)
  • Matty Craberner ($529K FWD, FREO)
  • Luke Jackson ($603K RUCK/FWD, MELB)
  • Kozi Pickett ($429K FWD, MELB)
  • George Hewett ($758K DEF/MID, CARL)
  • Josh Ward ($406K MID, HAW)
  • Jack Hayes ($408K FWD/RUCK, STK)
  • Rowan Marshall ($684K RUCK, STK)
  • Tristan ‘X-man’ Xerri ($523K FWD/RUCK, NM)
  • Nathan Kreuuuuuuger ($311K DEF, COLL)
  • Brodie ‘Reg’ Grundy ($802K RUCK, COLL)
  • Paddy McCartin ($349K DEF/FWD, SYD)
  • Kai Lohmann ($255K FWD, BL)

Notable Omissions

  • Jake Stein ($255k DEF, BWS)
  • Tanner Bruhn ($438K MID/FWD, BWS)
  • Finn Maginness ($360k MID/FWD, HAW)
  • Jordan Boyd ($234K DEF, CARL)
  • Jamarra Ugle-Hagan ($279K FWD, WB)

Final Thoughts

Yup… we’ve got some larger than life bullets to deal with in the ruck department… however, adversity brings out the best in many of us – question is, are you and your squad up for it? Be sure to keep up to date with the final teams over at: At least we know about Hewett now as opposed to 10 minutes before the first bounce!

Cheers legends and bring on round 7!

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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