AFL Fantasy Round 6 Ready: Captains, Rookie Radar and Final Thoughts

Get yourself Fantasy ready for round 6 with this last minute guide!

Round 6 Resources:

The Weekend That Was: Round 5 –

Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 6 –

AFL Team Selections

A return to the traditional Friday night fixture to begin round 6 with the Giants hosting the Sainters at Manuka Oval! I look forward to braving the brisk conditions to watch these two sides in action. Despite no Thursday game, there are still plenty of great early vice-captain options!

Quickfire Captains

Others to consider: Andrew Brayshaw, Jack Macrae, Ben Keays, Josh Dunkley

Rookie Radar: Round 6 Power Rankings

Teams Selections – Round 6

Surprise, surprise! 6:30pm on Thursday night rolls around and you have solid trade plans only to be ruined by some bullets at selection! Silver lining is we have plenty of fresh meat if you are after a downgrade target or two.

Key Holds

  • Marcus Windhager ($240K MID/FWD, STK)
  • Jack Hayes ($209K RUCK, STK)
  • Matt Flynn ($583K RUCK, GWS) – will share ruck duties with Preuss…
  • Jake Stein ($251K DEF, GWS)
  • Finn Callaghan ($292K MID, GWS)
  • NOD ($346K DEF/MID, FREO)
  • Sam Hayes ($208K RUCK, PA)
  • Corey Durdin ($300K FWD, CARL)
  • Malcolm Rosas ($276K FWD, GCS)
  • Kai Lohmann* ($257K FWD, BL)
  • Benny Hobbs ($293K MID, ESS)
  • Nathan Kreuger ($318K DEF, COLL)
  • Reef McInnes* ($260K MID, COLL)

*Named in Sunday/Monday extended squads

Key Ins

  • Braydon Preuss ($467K RUCK, GWS)
  • Isaac Cumming ($719K DEF, GWS)
  • Toby Greene ($711K FWD, GWS)
  • Robbie McComb ($190K MID, WB)
  • Jackson Hately ($479K MID, ADEL)
  • Ollie Wines ($883K MID, PA)
  • Luke Strnadica ($190K RUCK, WCE)
  • Tarryn Thomas ($621K MID/FWD, NM)
  • Miller Bergman* ($216K DEF/MID, NM)
  • Paul Curtis ($222K FWD, NM)
  • Oliver Dempsey* ($190K FWD, GEEL)
  • Keidean Coleman* ($343K DEF/FWD, BL)
  • Josh Gibcus ($294K DEF, RICH)
  • Maurice Rioli* ($190K MID/FWD, RICH)
  • Sam Banks* ($234K DEF, RICH)
  • Tyler Sonsie* ($236K MID, RICH)
  • Joel Smith ($289K DEF, MELB)
  • Chad Wingard ($598K MID/FWD, HAW)
  • Ned Long* ($190K MID/FWD, HAW)
  • Jackson Callow* ($190K FWD, HAW)
  • Budweiser Franklin ($558K FWD, SYD)
  • Kaine Baldwin* ($194K FWD, ESS)
  • Zach Merrett ($935K MID, ESS)
  • Wank Jack Ginnivan* ($419K FWD, COLL)

*Named in Sunday/Monday extended squads

Injured/H&S Protocols/Suspended/Managed

  • Lachie Hunter ($666K MID, WB)
  • Rory Sloane ($661K MID, ADEL)
  • Timmy English ($837K RUCK, WB)
  • Hugh Dixon ($329K RUCK/FWD, WCE)
  • Heath Chapman ($524K DEF, FREO)
  • Matthew Kennedy ($773K MID, CARL)
  • Aaron Hall ($818K DEF, NM)
  • Jaidyn Stephenson ($674K FWD/MID, NM)
  • Jack Viney ($728K MID, MELB)
  • Jake Lever ($459K DEF, MELB)
  • Hugo Ralphsmith ($374K MID/FWD, RICH)

Notable Omissions

  • Matt De Boer ($474K MID/FWD, GWS)
  • Karl Amon ($857K MID, PA)
  • Jed McEntee ($227K MID/FWD, PA)
  • Jackson Mead ($306K MID/FWD, PA)
  • Mason ‘Speed Dealers’ Cox ($374K FWD, COLL)

Final Thoughts

Five rounds down, 18 to go! Chances are you’ll be running with several red dots and a forced trade or two… but you know what they say – adversity brings opportunity. Right about now is generally when I have one eye on the byes… after this week we will have 10 trades prior to round 12 – use them wisely! Make sure you keep an eye out for final team announcements across the weekend at:

Cheers legends and bring on round 6!

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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