The Weekend That Was: Round 10

Round 10… A largely fruitful round in fantasy land for coaches with some big dogs putting up some uuuuuuge numbers! Conversely, the weekend was another reminder that we need to be ‘rookie recycling’ and getting them off the field in a hurry in the lead up to the all important byes.

Read on for your weekly fix of corrosive fantasy footy chat!

10 down, 14 to go… Must be time for The Weekend That Was!

Port Adelaide vs Melbourne


Butters (148) – Sheesh! The wee man went uuuuuge in just about every facet of the game with 41 disposals and 2 goals. A classic example of why we shouldn’t hold grudges in this game… A genuine prime mover in Port’s engine room.

Rozee (121) – It’s always nice to start the round off with some huge scores and Rozee didn’t miss out on his lick of the ice-cream with 31 possessions and a goal of his own!

Dyl Williams (82)Very nice indeed Dyl! The rookie continues to quietly go about his business and score at a great clip! A diamond in the rough on the rookie front.


Max (66) – Okay so it wasn’t a great night for the big men but any chance of scrounging to a 75-80, Max? Draft coaches will be stoked!

Spudd McVee (39)

Norf vs Sydney


Simpkin (115) – After copping a few whacks on media street last week, Simpkin responded as if he had something to prove… Severely under-priced at around $700k!

The Chad (115)Averaging 107 in his past month after a very slow start to the season… Another who is criminally under-priced given what he is capable of. Are you game?

Sheeeeeeezel (112) – Wowee. He looks every bit a season long keeper at the moment! He even got amongst the scoresheet with two snags of his own. Legend!

Wardlaw (82) – Not sure why we were overthinking this one. A high draft pick in a horsesh*t team and should now have great job security! Huge tick on debut from the Warlord!


Rowbottom (62) – Has gone from potentially relevant to completely irrelevant in the space of 10 games. Inconceivable.

Drury (14) – He has 39 points in the past fortnight, 39! To call him borderline deadweight would be a compliment.

Norf’s Interchange Brigade (-) – Sheesh someone in the Norf fraternity wants Harley Reid preeeety badly! The inability to count to 75 is arguably more concerning…

Western Bulldogs vs Crom


Laird (131) – While the rest of the Crom potatoes decided not to turn up, the Desk Rig was having none of it with 34 touches and 10 tackles. Superstar!

Bazlenka Sm(n)iff (121) – Someone must have laid the booger sugars in front of him…? In all seriousness, is enjoying a Treloar-less midfield cashing on on bulks CBA’s! Treloar will re-enter the fold at some point but hopefully for owners he has done enough to see more mid-time longer term.

English (121)R1. Period.

Macrae (117)

ROB (114)63 hit-outs! Actually bonkers from ROB. Didn’t do a heap else but when you get 63 points alone from palming the nurrie down to your mids you don’t need to!

Bont (110) Consistency off the charts from the Bont. He has no scores under 90 and we are through 10 rounds. Avoiding stinkers is always something we consider when selecting our uber premos and Bont is ticking this box and some!


Pedlar (46)

More bench selection memes courtesy of yours truly…

Johannisen (43) – Gee fantasy footy is a cruel game sometimes. JJ was on track for another solid 85+ score until he pinged a string early in Q3! He had made plenty of $$$ over the past month but this will leave coaches with a mid-price migraine.

Walyalup vs Geelong


Brayshaw (135)Boom! Bray was everywhere on Saturday evening and after a slower start to the season has hit his straps the past month. This pushes his price well north of $950K.

Serong (125) – Dang the Serong-Brayshaw 1-2 punch is really starting to heat up! After being touted as a potential breakout candidate in 2022, Serong has well and truly elevated toward the elite level of fantasy footballer in 2023.


Stewart (72) – Symptomatic of a Cats outfit that was still on the plane… First full game that he has gone under 20 disposals – ruining multi’s left, right and centre I imagine!

Brisbane vs Gold Coast


McCluggage (128) – This had been coming for a while! Finally the luggage puts a full game together with 30 touches, 6 marks and 7 tackles… For coaches looking for a bit of value, the Luggage could be your man at <$750K. Keep in mind he started the season at >$900K. Tempting!

Ashcroft (127) – Man this kid just loves the Gabbatoir! Just quietly, that’s three tons in four games – genuine premo stuff and can now safely be held beyond his R12 bye if needed.

Dunkley (125)

Neale (117) – Finally figured out how to find empty grass and mark the footy. My word it makes a difference and Neale’s eight marks was a season high. Onwards and upwards Choccie!

Humphrey (90) – The Bear can play! He was dynamite early in the game and saw plenty of midfield minutes which will please coaches who jumped on the inflated priced rook.


Zorko (58) – On the brightside, didn’t ping a spaghetti string. For any coaches who somehow own this spanner, all it deserved.

Ellis (55) – Speaking of spanners… Calling Ellis a spanner would be an insult to all the spanners out there!

Essendon vs Richmond


Merrett (158) – Monumental. Zezza has rediscovered his hunger to tackle and defend and it is showing in his consistent scoring across 2023. He has always been able to find the pill so his ability to fill a stat line only strengthens his case to push a top-8 mid position.

Taranto (120) – Fun fact: TT’s lowest score through 10 games is 108… Ridiculous stuff!

Bolton (120) – Gee whiz Bolton did everything except for get the Tiges over the line… 28 toouches, 7 tackles and 2 goals in another standout performance in a team of chokers.

McGrath (117) – Hahaha the irony… After being a popular starting selection, McGrath shat the bed nine weeks straight only to pull this out of his ass after everyone gave him the ass! Essendon played a high mark game and McGrath capitalised!

Rioli (114) – This has been some sort of reinvention from Dan Rioli. In the space of a season and a bit, Dan has become a key cog in Richmond’s back six following the retirement of Houli – he’s the go to man off half back and his scoring reflects this.


Baker (55)

Meatballs (30) – Surely his lowest score in a long time? Unluggy if you have him in draft!

Harley Reid Cup


Sheed (139) – Incredible effort when you consider Sheed kicked half of their score and had 30 of their 60 possessions… A shame he decided to have a real go once coaches had given him the ass.

Nash (130) – Nashville! The full time mid finally cashed in with a big score to reflect the elite role. 30 touches, 8 marks and 8 tackles.

Witherden (125) – Hahaha by shear weight of numbers this was bound to happen! The Hawks did only kick the 10 points but it was the 6534863876 inside 50’s that would always bode well for someone like Witherden.

Sicily (125) – I flagged it mid-week… A piss easy match up followed up by a fixture at Marvel will have Sic owners rubbing their hands together! Another 30 touches and 11 marks – great effort given the opposition had -10 inside 50’s.

Weddle (102)$12m in the powerball this coming Thursday, I suggest those who had Weddle and fielded grab yourself a lottery ticket!


Worst Coast Football Club – On the brightside, Harley Reid here they come! You can blame injuries and travel all you want but f*ck me, I’ve seen more energy from the spectators on Antiques roadshow.

Chesser (40) – Straight back in to the squad out of pure necessity, would be lucky to get a game in the Scooby Do’s just about anywhere else in Australia!

Ginbey (24) – Oh my. Reuben well and truly hit the rookie wall with a thud! Anyone who held this long, probably all it deserved.

Carlton vs Collingwood


Doch (124) – Reliable, trustworthy, unwavering, steadfast, stable, gun!

Cerra (119) – Just quietly holds a 5-round average of 116 and that includes a 62… Cerra is putting up some absurd numbers at present! Draft and classic owners alike hitting the jackpot!

Pendles (103)Dependlebury.


Daicos (79) – I mean… It was bound to happen at some point! The fact he sits on over 63% of teams make this score kind of irrelevant tbh. For some reason had 0 marks for (probably) the first time of his career. Whatever you do, do not trade.

Michael Voss (-) – Absolute toss. Hollands is 32 at HT and this funny guy decides to sub out our man! Tbh, probably a tactically sound move but what about us Vossy?!

Adams (27) – A two hour exhibition in how to avoid the pill… Bravo Tay!

BWS vs St Kilda


Sinclair (141) – Fwaaaa Sincs. And long overdue mind you! This is why you selected him – his half-back role combined with the midfield time is a fantasy dream. He finally remembered how to +6 and even snuck forward for two elite snags of his own! Arguably under-priced now.

Steele (121)

Cogs (114) – This guy is putting together some season! Natural midfielders who find multiple avenues to scoring are worth their weight in gold. Fun fact: When Cogs has combined for 5 or more marks/tackles, he tons!

Green (111) – Speaking of putting together a season… Greeny has to be in All-Aus conversations 10 rounds in! He certainly holds a spot in the Fantasy Fanatic’s rolling All-Aus team. #prestigious

Marshall (110) – Joined in the points spree after what was an uncharacteristically slow start from Marshall... Like all Fantasy legends do, found a way to get to the ton, making it his 8th of the season! Very impressive.


Angwin (32) – A bradycardic heartbeat should from now on be known as an ‘Angwin.’

The Juggernaut Review


Okay, so I’m not prepared to say the Juggernauts are back, however, after a fortnight of pure shithousery, managed to rise in the rankings and went 3/3 in league matchups including this banger:

Sorry to ruin the bday celebrations my man! Ironically, Ted and I met up down the pub Saturday arvo and the 1-2 punch of Serong-Brayshaw seemed to have brought their own Sherrin to Optus – fair to say he was in my ear a few times…

With 10 rounds in the books, coaches will now have their sights set on the impending month of byes to come! Make sure you are across your team structure to best navigate R12-R15, making sure you have at least 18 green dots every week. Remember, if you have 20 playing, your bottom two scores will drop off and my word that could be valuable with what some of our rooks are putting up these days!

So how did we all go in round 10? Flex your score in the comments below!

Best of luck for next week legends!

Yours in fantasy,

Fantasy fanatic #70


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