Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 10

Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 10? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Lachie Whitfield ($795K MID/DEF, GWS) – 105

If you are chasing value, I give you Lachie Whitfield. After an injury affected R1 score of 48, Whitfield has not gone below 80 and tonned up three times in his past six games. What I like most about this selection is the (unfortunate) omission of Isaac Cumming who picked up a calf injury at training and is likely to miss the next 4-5 weeks! On the weekend, we saw Whitfield assume his lion share of the kick-in duties (in Cumming’s absence) which should see him cash in on plenty of cheap +3’s in the weeks to come. Under-priced for what he is capable of.

Harry Sharp ($290K MID, BL) – 70

Looks to be the rookie-priced selection of the week does Sharpy. A couple of years in the system and has now graduated year 12 coaches will be pleased to know. An inflated $290K but looks to be going okay roaming a wing. Holds a breakeven of -7 heading into R10!

James Sicily ($798K DEF, HAW) – 103

Looks to be under-priced after a few underwhelming performances this season. Has West Coast down at Pig Park followed by a fixture under the roof at Marvel which plays right into his hands so expect a fruitful two weeks for the Sic Dawg!

In the Mix: Zac Butters, Rory Sloane, Jordan De Goey.


Alex Cincotta ($397K DEF/MID, CARL) – 22

Wow that was random. After being just about the safest 70 going around, Cincotta reminded us that he is a rook after all. I wouldn’t panic though, assuming he holds his spot he holds a breakeven of 34 and should cover that (famous last words!).

Will Day ($781K DEF/MID, HAW) – 77

A frustrating watch for coaches with Day on track for a ton at half-time only to fade big time in the final quarter. His role is still great so no reason to go flicking him!

Jack Steele ($883K MID, STK) – 75

Symbolic of the Sainters on Sunday arvo was an underwhelming Steele. His score was looking okay until he came off part-way through the last quarter with a sore knee. Apparently just a precaution so he should be right to face GWS this Sunday.

In the Mix: Brayden Fiorini, Tom Green, Connor Rozee.


Callum Mills ($739K MID, SYD) – 3

The stitch up of all stitch ups… Everything about the Mills selection was right until his calf carked it a couple of minutes into the game. 4-6 weeks out and sadly it’s a must trade and will take in the vicinity of $200K to get to an uber big dog!

Kade Chandler ($501K FWD, MELB) – 41

After featuring as a ‘hold’ last week, the Chand was looking good halfway through Q1 with 23 points to his name… Unfortunately, he had no impact thereafter and stumbled his way to 41. He has been great for us but it’s time.

Dylan Moore ($717K FWD, HAW) – 64

Name something more unpredictable than Dyl Moore’s role… I’ll wait. After a blistering start to the season, much like the Hawks Dyl’s output has fallen off a cliff and we can’t be copping 60-80 from our F3/F4 every week.

In the Mix: Judd McVee, Jy Simpkin, Norf Melbourne.

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Errol ‘King’ Gulden ($907K MID/FWD | SYD | 38.47% ownership) +$75K
  • Rory ‘The Racing Car’ Atkins ($504K DEF/MID | GCS | 24.37% ownership) +$57K
  • Seamus Mitchell ($414K DEF/FWD | HAW | 18.45% ownership) +$56K
  • Dylan ‘Dyl Will’ Williams ($416K FWD | PA | 4.37% ownership) +$49K
  • Samson ‘-2’ Ryan ($452K RUC/FWD | RICH | 42.08% ownership) +$48K

Top 5 Price Drops

  • Nat ‘The Knife’ Fyfe ($541K MID/FWD | FREO | 3.36% ownership) -$69K
  • Callan ‘Psychiatric’ Ward ($547K MID/FWD | BWS | 0.14% ownership) -$69K
  • Callum ‘Pills Thrills, Neutrophils’ Mills ($739K MID | SYD | 4.13% ownership) -$64K
  • Todd ‘Malcolm’ Marshall ($436K FWD | PA | 0.32% ownership) -$54K
  • Brandon ‘Puh-Fitt’ Parfitt ($528K MID \ GEEL | 0.14% ownership) -$52K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Harry Sharp ($290K MID | BL | 7.18% ownership) -7
  • Matthew Johnson ($280K MID | FREO | 24.17% ownership) 0
  • Bailey ‘Bear’ Humphrey ($360K MID/FWD | GCS | 6.75% ownership) 3
  • Charlie ‘Jesse Sands Wannabe’ Constable ($422K DEF/MID | GCS | 18.76% ownership) 4
  • Arty Jones ($321K FWD | WB | 4.68% ownership) 5

Highest Breakevens:

  • Jarryd Lyons ($590K MID | BL | 0.06% ownership) – 156
  • Touk Miller ($877K MID | GCS | 4.89% ownership) – 147
  • Callum ‘Pills Thrills, Neutrophils’ Mills ($739K MID | SYD | 4.13% ownership) – 147
  • Timmy ‘Speak-a-no’ English ($1.03m RUC | WB | 46.34% ownership) – 138
  • Jack ‘Man of’ Steele ($883K MID | STK | 5.91% ownership) – 138

*ownership % as of 9pm 15 May 2023. 

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your early trade thoughts in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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