Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 11

Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 11? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Zach Merrett ($921K MID, ESS) – 158

With Parish and Setterfield out of the Essendon midfield for the foreseeable future, Zach is by far and away Essendon’s main man in the engine room! It’s his desire to defend and tackle that will have owners and potential buyers excited. He appears to be a great option from Oliver and in doing so you’ll save a cool $69K!

Bazlenka Sm(n)iff ($836K MID/FWD, WB) – 121

A Treloar-less midfield has allowed Baz to attend 87% and 75% of centre bounces respectively over the last two weeks! Treloar will eventually re-enter the frame but for now Baz is lapping up his inside role and is under-priced given what he is capable of.

George Wardlaw ($327K MID, NORF) – 82

Another high pick ready made for the big time! Wardlaw even attended 56% of centre bounces on debut. Bodes well for the young lad particularly with LDU out for at least the next fortnight.

In the Mix: Hugh McCluggage, Zak Butters, Jy Simpkin.


Tom Stewart ($788K DEF, GEEL) – 72

It was as if Stewwy forgot what a Sherrin looked like on Saturday even at Optus… Eventually recovering slightly to limp to 72. While he isn’t setting the world on fire, it’s not panic stations!

Jordan Dawson ($931K DEF/MID, CROM) – 85

Dawson’s ton run (six in a row) finally came to an end on Saturday in an uncharacteristically quiet game by the Crom captain’s lofty standard. Stick with him though, there’s every chance he bounces back straight as he returns to Adelaide Oval this weekend!

Nick Daicos ($923K DEF, COLL) – 79

Nick has been a little quieter over the past month, culminating in a season low 79 vs Carlton on Sunday afternoon. With a dream run upcoming (Norf into Worst Coast) you’d be silly not to hold!

Fast forward to 1:50 – 3 votes N.Daicos.

In the Mix: Christian Petracca, Ryan Angwin, Andy McGrath.


Clayton Oliver ($990K MID, NARM) – 108

After courageously playing out the game vs Yartapuulti on Friday night, scans confirmed that Clarry sustained a hamstring strain that will keep him out for multiple weeks. Whilst he has been genuinely elite, unfortunately it’s a must trade. On the brightside, cash-strapped coaches may use it as an opportunity to go after value.

Jason Johanissen ($645K FWD/DEF, WB) – 43

Another on the casualty ward after injuring his hamstring early in Q3 vs Crom on Saturday arvo… It appears to be a high-end strain that will see him out for 8-10 weeks. Trade.

Ollie Hollands ($515K MID, CARL) – 32

Hollands has been a solid cash cow for coaches over the first 10 weeks… However, after copping the dreaded red vest at HT his cash generation has all but stalled. With a breakeven of 76 heading into R11, there’s little room for growth – time to upgrade or downgrade.

In the Mix: Reuben Ginbey, Luke Pedlar, Cameron Bokenham.

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Bailey ‘Bear’ Humphrey ($423K MID/FWD | GCS | 11.05% ownership) +$63K
  • Josh Weddle ($395k DEF | HAW | 5.79% ownership) +$62K
  • Zac Butters ($842K MID/FWD | YART | 12.62% owneship) +$58K
  • Seamus Mitchell ($470K DEF/FWD | HAW | 19.9% ownership) +$56K
  • Dom Sheed ($721k MID | Worst Coast | 4.37% ownership) +$55K

Top 5 Price Drops

  • Nat ‘The Knife’ Fyfe ($480K MID/FWD | WALY | 3.5% ownership) -$61K
  • Callan ‘Psychiatric’ Ward ($489K MID/FWD | BWS | 0.14% ownership) -$58K
  • Jack ‘Booger Sugars’ Ginnivan ($373k FWD | COLL | 0.94% ownership) -$51K
  • Seb ‘Rick’ Ross ($631K MID | STK | 0.16% ownership) -$47K
  • Rhett Spazzo Bazzo ($292K DEF | Worst Coast | 0.07% ownership) -$44K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Josh Weddle ($395k DEF | HAW | 5.79% ownership) -4
  • Bailey ‘Bear’ Humphrey ($423K MID/FWD | GCS | 11.05% ownership) -3
  • Lachlan ‘Lock Stock’ McAndrew ($230K RUC/FWD | SYD | 44.03% ownership) -2
  • Kaine Baldwin ($317K FWD | ESS | 2.23% ownership) 2
  • Charlie ‘Jesse Sands Wannabe’ Constable ($422K DEF/MID | GCS | 18.16% ownership) 4

Highest Breakevens:

  • Jarryd Lyons ($590K MID | BL | 0.06% ownership) – 157
  • Touk Miller ($877K MID | GCS | 4.77% ownership) – 148
  • Callum ‘Pills Thrills, Neutrophils’ Mills ($739K MID | SYD | 1.57% ownership) – 148
  • Nick ‘Whisper’ Daicos ($923k DEF | COLL | 63.64% ownership) – 146
  • Noah Anderson ($925K MID | GCS | 4.26% ownership) – 138

*ownership % as of 9pm 22 May 2023. 

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your early trade thoughts in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70

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