The Weekend That Was: Round 10

Round 10... A largely fruitful round in fantasy land for coaches with some big dogs putting up some uuuuuuge numbers! Conversely, the weekend was another reminder that we need to be 'rookie recycling' and getting them off the field in a hurry in the lead up to the all important byes. Read on for your weekly fix of corrosive fantasy footy chat! 10 down, 14 to go… Must be time for The Weekend That Was!


2022 Fantasy Review: Essendon(e)

Essendon... Well, that was a disaster! If it's any consolation, they beat the Pies for total Fantasy points by a solid 400. Might well be 400 years since they last won a final, however😜 In these reviews, we will take a closer look at each club’s Fantasy snapshot for season 2022, whilst I nominate players for MVP, best rookie and biggest flop. I will also provide my two cents on what to look out for in 2023!

The Weekend That Was: Round 20 (Finals Week 1)

Round 20... The beginning of the end. For some that end has come far too soon (bring on Mad Monday!) while for others, we press on with bigger fish to fry in the coming three weeks. A mix of heartbreak and pure elation in Fantasy circles! As always, a host of spuds to rinse and guns to pump up! I get the feeling there are a lot of coaches out there that need this! Without further ado here is The Weekend That Was for Round 20!