Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 12

Round 12 is inevitably the most difficult to navigate given no one has had their bye nor is coming off their bye… Some important moves to be made this week! Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 12? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold! 


Bazlenka ($903K MID/FWD, WB) – DNP

Fairly unusual to include a guy who did not play in the ‘Buy’ section, however, Baz has just gained forward status and has to be high on your radar. While it is a little inconvenient with his bye next week, he will be a top 3 forward without a shadow of a doubt. Whether it is this week or post R13, find a way to get him in!

Timmy English ($869K RUCK/FWD, WB) – 132

Bang! How about that for a return game?! Big Timmy dominated from pillar to post, tearing Jamieson and the Eagles a new one on his way to 132. Much like his mate Bazlenka with the bye situation but should be in your trade plans in the near future!

Mitch Owens ($266k MID, STK) – 95

Now this may seem a little controversial given St Kilda have the bye this week. However, if your bye structure permits and you are looking to free up some cash, a downgrade to Owens is not out of the question. I can’t see him being dropped after a 10 tackle, 2 goal game which will keep Ratts and the coaching staff happy.

In the Mix: Alex Witherden, Jake Soligo, Jackson Hately.


Christian Petracca ($868K MID, NARRM) – 40

Yikes! Trac recorded his lowest disposal tally (10) and Fantasy score in a long long time as he battled through the flu. He’s still a gun and back him in to bounce back in the second half of the season! Will be a cheap post R14 trade option for those non-owners with a price freefall impending.

Nic Martin ($646K MID/FWD, ESS) – 113

Many coaches would have marked down round 12 as an opportune time to offload Alpha to a premium… Alpha had other ideas, carving out a 113 in sub-optimal marking conditions at Adelaide Oval. Coaches will still be tempted to fold, however, he will continue to be a handy contributor over the byes and far from your worst!

Dayne Zorko ($771K MID/DEF, BL) – 49

My oh my that was horrifying… genuinely gastro-inducing. Despite Zorko’s fortnight of poor scoring, he is worth holding until his bye in R14. If he cannot pull his finger out between now and then he will be on the chopping block for many a coach!

In the Mix: Jayden Short, Patrick Cripps, Nick Daicos.


Corey Durdin ($400K FWD, CARL) – 29

After an awesome fortnight of scoring and cash generation, Durdin came crashing back to earth with his third score in the 20’s for the season… He has done well to get to $400K given his difficult Fantasy role as a small forward! Has the bye this week and his time is now. Yes the job security is there but I can’t see him gaining much more $$$ for his coaches!

Tom Green ($702K MID, BWS) – 70

After a blistering start to the season, Greeny has dropped off considerably with a 5 round average of just 80. At this stage, he is clogging up an all important mid position and the bye is a convenient opportunity to give him the flick!

Sam Hayes ($408K RUCK, PA) – 34

Culling fattened cash cows heading into their bye seems to be the flavour of the week and it is no different with big Hayesy. Has been serviceable over the past 4-6 weeks but looked cooked and in need of a rest! Thank Hayes for his services and mooooove him on.

In the Mix: Hugh Dixon, Marcus Windhager, Dan Rioli.

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Jackson Hately ($588K MID | CROM | 1.37% ownership) +$59K
  • Brad Hill ($662K DEF/FWD | STK | 3.02% ownership) +$57K
  • Jimmy Peatling ($448K DEF | GWS | 0.72% ownership) +$55K
  • Jake Soligo ($304K MID | ADEL | 16.5% ownership) +$49K
  • Joel Jeffrey ($291K FWD | GCS | 7.56% ownership) +$49K

Top 5 Price Falls

  • Callan Ward ($596K MID | GWS | 0.29% ownership) -$66K
  • Luke Dunstan ($613K MID | NARRM | 0.17% ownership) -$61K
  • Steven May ($529K DEF | NARRM | 8.83% ownership) -$51K
  • Hugh Greenwood ($548K MID | NORF | 0.49% ownership) -$47K
  • Ben Boner Brown ($392K FWD | NARRM | 5.01% ownership!) -$42K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Luke Cleary ($261K DEF | WB | 12.88% ownership) -9
  • Jacob Wehr ($256k DEF | GWS | 9.79% ownership) -8
  • Mitch Owens ($266k MID | STK | 4.71% ownership) -8
  • Joel Jeffrey ($291K FWD | GCS | 7.56% ownership) -6
  • Jake Soligo ($304K MID | ADEL | 16.5% ownership) -6

Highest Breakevens

  • Christian Petracca ($868K MID | NARRM | 34.2% ownership) 147
  • Big Max ($841K RUCK | NARRM | 61.55% ownership) 136
  • Patrick Cripps ($806K MID | CARL | 38.85% ownership) 133
  • Callum Mills ($957K MID | SYD | 11.81% ownership) 130
  • Dayne ‘Gastro-Inducing’ Zorko ($761K MID/DEF | BL | 13.42% ownership) 130

*Ownership % as of 4pm 30 May 2022. Filtered as relevant.

To end the article on a more sombre note, a quick mention to Ian ‘Bobby’ Hill who has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. The Footy community is right behind you mate. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Human highlight reel!

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your trade plans in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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