The Weekend That Was: Round 12

Hello and goodbye to the first of three pesky bye rounds! Hopefully you were stocked with at least 18 green dots and able to knock off some of those spud scores we suffer through in a normal round… In general, a fairly high scoring round given the circumstances but as always, plenty of studs and duds to pump up and roast!

12 down, 11 to go… Time for The Weekend That Was!

Geelong vs Western Bulldogs


Macrae (124)

Duncan (115) – At long last Duncan finally converts an elite start (42 points in Q1) into a ton! Was a beneficiary when Stewart went down… pinching a number of kick-ins to bolster his stat line.

Libba (115) – Genuine barometer for the Dogs is Libba and Homer! When the dogs got on top in the middle stages of the contest it was Libba who was lifting the boys. That’s 4/11 tons for the season and takes his season average to 91… not bhed.

Jezza (112) – Not overly fantasy relevant but props to Jezza for another huge game… My word the dogs are vulnerable in defence and Jezza made a mockery of them!


Dunkley (84) – Yeah okay so it’s not dire straits… but, Dunks seemed to be further pushed out of the stacked dogs midfield in more Bevo buffoonery. Played predominantly forward and needed a team-high 9 marks to get to 84! Will be an interesting watch post bye!

Bazlenka (63) – You’d be forgiven for thinking Baz still had the flu after this performance… compounded by a bone-headed headbutt to the forehead of Zac Touhy which, given the MRO’s form will come under scrutiny! Awesome for non-owners as his price begins trending downward.

*Update: 2 weeks! Boy oh boy wowee! Massive stitch up for owners… At least it should give him enough time to reply to all the underage DMs on his instagram!

Stewart (44) – This one reaaallly hurt for 13% of the competition… particularly for those who were struggling to scrape together 18 green dots this week! ICYMI: Stewwy copped a knock to the jaw in a contest with Bazlenka and was ruled out with concussion. Silver lining for owners is that with the bye next week, he will likely return in R14 without actually missing a game.

Adelaide vs Traffic Cones


Laird (122) – The man just knows how to fantasy, plain and simple. 10 games, low score of 90 and 7 scores 110+! Elite numbers from the nugget and criminally under-selected at 4% ownership.

Redden (116) and Shuey (112) – Nice to see the ‘senior players’ show a bit of ticker that has been so clearly lacking in the first 10 weeks… May need to calm down a little to ensure they secure the #1 draft pick, I’m sure Simmo will pull them into line in the review!


Keays (84) – Okay, this scoring trend is starting to become worrying for owners… Benny has only eclipsed the ton once in the past 5 weeks. The fact that he couldn’t crack the ton against Traffic Cones in a relatively easy win makes this even more concerning… If he rediscovers his early season heroics he could be an elite under-priced premo option post-bye!

Kelly (70) – Can someone please get the man a Geelong jersey?! Fair to say TK is buying into the “lets get pick #1 at all costs” mentality…

Druggan (50) – Honestly, what has happened to this bloke?! After reaching the pinnacle in 2018 with a premiership to his name, seems satisfied to roll around in 2nd gear on a Saturday arvo at the footy! Cue in the rack type stuff.

Gold Coast vs Norf


Miller (135)Vintage Touk in game 150! The man is a jet and this was on full display in another stellar performance racking up 32 disposal, 5 mark and 8 tackles. An injustice that Touk has only registered 37 wins in his career… At least he can get his hands on an annual 3 park super pass up there in Schoolies territory!

Rowell (107) – Yeah good onya champ! About 6 weeks too late… Dead to me and half the competition that jumped on the overhyped Rowell train.

Graham (68) – Woooooaah chill the f*ck out Caleb – just went and tripled his average in one hit… In case you are wondering, wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole until he can get his average into the 40’s (currently 31…)! Shades of Sam De Koning?


Ziebell (47)Ziebell and ‘dud’ seem to go in the same sentence preeeettty frequently in season 2022… Still somehow sitting at 3% ownership…?! Must be on the nose beers?

Turner (12)

Melbourne vs Sydney


Max (149) – Blimey there is not much more big Max could have done for his side on Saturday night! 28 disposals, 9 marks, 30 hitouts, 3 goals. Hopefully the shoulders pull up alright after carrying the team in a losing effort.

Mills (126)Star. Will borderline hump opposition blokes around the stoppages to get the +4! The kind of commitment we need but don’t deserve! Top 3 mid no questions asked.


Petracca (89) – Yeah okay 89 is not completely terrible but coaches had high expectations after Trac dropped a Flurona-riddled 40 last week! Has a 3 round average of 81 and will be under-priced following his bye in R14… Yes sir!

Ladhams (48) – This performance was about as good as your tattoos, Spudhams. When is Hickey returning?!

Hunt (6) – I can’t believe I am saying this but that is not a typo… 6?! Melbourne might well have played with 17 on the field for Jayden’s (Mike) 85% time on ground!

Hawthorn vs Collingwood


Cameron (133) – Essential. My word this man can play and is in scintillating form with a 5 round average of 109! Genuinely elite numbers.

Mitchell (112)Vintage piggery from one T.Mitchell. He’s back where he belongs in the guts putting his nose in the trough on what was a wet and muddy track on Sunday arvo at the MCG. Incredible to think he was available for <$800K at one point – daylight robbery (and piggery!).

N.Daicos (109) – In hindsight, this really was a no-brainer hold given what Daicos is capable of. He was never going to be our worst scorer and his bye is now only one week away! A timely 109 for the 58% of coaches who held firm.


Ginnivan (58)

Freo vs Brisbane Lions


Brayshaw (131) – The main man. Just another lazy 39 touches, 4 mark, 6 tackle game… Taking the absolute mickey on board the hype train that is ‘Flagmantle’!

Rich (125) Backed up a putrid 37 with a huge 125! Even when Rich is under the pump the boys are happy to dish it off… Knowing they are probably a better chance of retaining possession with Rich disposing under pressure as opposed to anyone else under no pressure!

Luggage (118) – Chalks up his 4th ton of the season… finally beginning to repay those loyal owners who have toiled through military mediocrity!

Zorko (91) – Usually a score not worthy of a mention in the studs, however… Following a gastro-inducing 49 last week, it was looking like more of the same with 20-odd to half time. Dorko to half back after the break and didn’t go within 25 metres of his direct opponent chasing kicks – you love to see it. Could have been a sneaky ton if the wee man didn’t give away 5 free kicks!


Darcy (45) – Yuck, really yuck. After a good month of footy, big Darcy came crashing back to earth with a thud! He literally had 19 points outside of his 26 hitouts for the game and he gets first touch of the nurrie!

Tucker (32)

The Juggernaut Review


Low and behold, a good round for the first time since last season’s utter fluke! 3/3 league wins and went up 4,000 in the rankings. Might well start a petition to have byes every week given the Juggernauts piss poor form in any normal round! Who’s with me?! Even dodged the Bazlenka and Stew bullets.

Trading should get easier from here on in as we look to target players who have already had their byes. Coaches will look to maximise green dots with the ultimate goal of exiting the byes with a better team than what your entered with!

Public service announcement: Round 13 is running from Thursday night to the traditional Queen’s birthday Big Freeze clash between Melbourne and Collingwood on Monday arvo. Remember all your R13 bye players will be locked at the start of the last game – 3:20pm Monday arvo!

Thanks again legends and flex how you went in the comments!

Yours in Fantasy,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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