Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 10

Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 10? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Callum Mills ($953K MID, SYD) – 156

The most logical Steele solution going around! He does it all this man – cheap +6’s in Swans possession chains, tackles, and wins plenty of free kicks. All aboard!

Dayne Zorko ($790K MID/DEF, BL) – 112

Mr Boom-Bust himself has been awesome the past three weeks and has 6/9 tons in 2022. 2/3 of his dud scores were injury affected / reduced time on ground. Seems to be past his early injury concerns and should push for a top 6 defender spot.

Sam Berry ($521K FWD, ADEL) – 89

Round 7: M.Crouch (Omitted). Since then, Berry has relished increased midfield minutes, putting up 103 and 89 in this time! Has a breakeven of 19 so his stocks will continue to rise… a left-field option for those who are cash strapped.

In the Mix: Alex Witherden, Josh Kelly, Darcy Cameron.


Paddy Cripps ($853K MID, CARL) – 76

The 110+ scores were never going to last forever… his first real blemish of 2022 taking away his injury affected 36 in round 4. Don’t panic, he’ll be fine.

Big Max ($912K RUCK, MELB) – 86

Clearly didn’t give a rats toss bag in what was virtually a walkover of a game for the Dees… Like any good skipper, he’ll bounce back!

Jayden Short ($861K DEF, RICH) – 86

Another whose seen a role change over the past few weeks which is of minor concern… seemed to be rotating through the midfield and high half-forward. Should still be fine, but definitely a watch over the coming weeks.

In the Mix: Lachie Sh*tfield, Zac Merrett, Trav Boak.


Jack Steele ($892K MID, STK) – 77

Played through a ruptured AC joint in a typical show of courage from Steeley. Sadly, scans revealed our worst fears and Steele is set for surgery and likely to miss 6-8 weeks. Another forced trade to add to the list…

Joshua Rachele ($435K MID/FWD, ADEL) – 37

Has really hit the rookie wall in the past month and it is showing in his scoring… putting up some absolute stinkers topped off with a season worst 37 on the weekend. Many would have been forced to hold but it’s now time to make him a high priority – 30’s and 40’s are no help, particularly when bleeding cash!

Stephen Coniglio ($684K MID/FWD, BWS) – 49

Barely sighted in Leon’s last hurrah… symbolic of where this club is at. Takes his season average to 84 and dropped another $35K on the weekend! If you’ve got nothing else pressing, Cogs needs to go.

In the Mix: Nathan O’Driscoll, Hugh Dixon, Flyin ‘The White Flag’ Ryan.

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Gregga Clark ($313K MID | WCE | 46.1% ownership) +$63K
  • Tommy Lynch ($662K FWD | RICH | 1.4% ownership) +$58K
  • Sam Berry ($521K FWD | ADEL | 1.14% ownership) +$54K
  • Connor West ($537K FWD | WCE | 0.65% ownership) +$53K
  • Darcy Cameron ($587K FWD | COLL | 9.45% ownership) +$49K

Top 5 Price Falls

  • Zac Williams ($609K DEF | CARL | 2% ownership) -$70K
  • Trav Boak ($821K MID | PA | 3.3% ownership) -$58K
  • Zac Merrett ($840K MID | ESS | 1.73% ownership) -$57K
  • Jack ‘Snags’ Higgins ($534K FWD | STK | 0.56% ownership) -$56K
  • Jack Mahony ($354K FWD | NM | 0.07% ownership) -$52K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Gregga Clark ($313K MID | WCE | 46.1% ownership) -20
  • Luke Cleary ($217K DEF | WB | 6.4% ownership) -2
  • Buku Khamis ($235K DEF | WB | 6.72% ownership) -1
  • Koopa Troopa Hamilton ($291K MID/FWD | WB | 7.93% ownership) 1
  • Callum Jamieson ($236K RUCK | WCE | 4.33% ownership) 7

Highest Breakevens

  • Zac Merrett ($840K MID | ESS | 1.73% ownership) 158
  • Trav Boak ($821K MID | PA | 3.3% ownership) 153
  • Big Max ($912K RUCK | MELB | 61.19% ownership) 148
  • Jack Steele ($892K MID | STK | 23.26% ownership) 146
  • Benny Keays ($885K MID | ADEL | 5.15% ownership) 140

*Ownership % as of 11pm 16 May 2022. Filtered as relevant.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your trade plans in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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