The Weekend That Was: Round 14

*Sigh of relief*… And just like that the bye rounds have come and gone. Just when you think you got your planning right, you get bulk injuries and genuine has beens continuing to spud it up - bloody awesome! Hopefully you fared a bit better and don't have about 5 forced trades like yours truly. 14 down, 9 to go... Time for The Weekend That Was!


The Weekend That Was: Round 13 (Big Freeze 8)

Mixed bag... that's my two word description for The Weekend That Was. We had some monster scores from bonafide guns of the competition coupled with some very average performances across the board! Add in a couple of injuries and you have a weekend of liquorice all sorts - in other words, a standard weekend for Fantasy coaches. As always, plenty to unpack! 13 down, 10 to go... Time for The Weekend That Was!

The Weekend That Was: Round 12

Hello and goodbye to the first of three pesky bye rounds! Hopefully you were stocked with at least 18 green dots and able to knock off some of those spud scores we suffer through in a normal round... In general, a fairly high scoring round given the circumstances but as always, plenty of studs and duds to pump up and roast! 12 down, 11 to go... Time for The Weekend That Was!

The Weekend That Was: Round 11

And just like that, we are halfway through the AFL season. In a surprising change, we had some massive individual scores and even rookies where getting in on the action with a timely boost... Hopefully you've come into the all important byes with some momentum! 11 down, 12 to go! Time for The Weekend That Was!

The Weekend That Was: Round 10

Sir Doug Nicholls round, where we recognise and celebrate our Indigenous players and their culture and contribution to our great game. In classic AFL fantasy fashion, we had more swings and roundabouts in what was a rollercoaster round of footy for Fantasy coaches... hope you were dodging bullets like election candidate corflute's as we headed to the polls to complete our civic duties.

The Weekend That Was: Round 9

Another round of midweek bullets with up and down scoring topped off with a key injury or two... Standard. Many coaches will be left to pick up the pieces with more forced trades required than we have trades available! Not even 5 trades this week could salvage my spud farm... Hopefully you fared better than yours truly and dodged a couple bullets along the way! 9 down, 14 to go... must be time for The Weekend That Was!

The Weekend That Was: Round 8

Well, we thought round 7 brought us carnage... Try round 8 - carnage on steroids, panadol rapid 'Optizorb', magic shrooms and everything else toxic under the sun. "I've got 8 out this week" should not be synonymous with round 8! Imagine how we're going to go in the byes if this continues - f*ck me sideways. 8 down, 15 to go... Must be time for The Weekend That Was!