2023 Practice Matches Quickfire Review: Western Bulldogs vs Norf

Ikon Park played host to the ret hot doggies in Clarko’s first official outing as Norf coach… Didn’t see Clarko smile much on the day so I’d haaaaate to be a TV reporter over the coming weeks let alone season 2023 as a whole! Doggies far to good in the end, prevailing by 58 points.

Final Score

Western Bulldogs 22.11 (143)

Norf 13.7 (85)

Let’s jump into the quickfire fantasy review!

Western Bulldogs

Macrae ($916K MID, 121)Vintage Macca. No Dunkley = safer midfield minutes for the fantasy stud! Started on ball and quietly racked up 33 touches and 8 marks – no one enjoys a lead up +6 more than Macca does!

Bont ($891K MID, 106) – Looked unreal out there starting as a midfielder and chipping in with two goals of his own! Consistency has never been his issue but can he elevate to that 105-110+ fantasy player to justify the selection in 2023?

Baz ($935K MID, 105) – Started a bit slow playing forward but warmed into the game playing plenty of midfield minutes. It looks as though the Doggies mids will continue with their high scoring fantasy output making them a safe bet.

English ($901K RUC, 93)Was well beaten at the hitouts but was solid around the ground, racking up a heap of +6’s… Had solo ruck duties with the Doggies opting to play a monster forward line, using Darcy as a second ruck man as a minor chop out for English! Certainly no concerns raised from that performance.

McLean ($401K MID/FWD, 54) – Hmmmm… This performance won’t fill coaches with a great deal of confidence despite McLean’s popularity. He rotated forward flank and off a wing and had has moments but never really got into the game! At $401K and priced at about 45, coaches will find it difficult to pass him up given his job security.


Simpkin ($846K MID, 115) – The main man in Norf’s engine room did not disappoint with 31 possessions, 6 marks and a goal. Could be a cheeky POD with a current ownership of just 1%…

Sheezel ($296K FWD, 75) – The #3 pick started off slowly playing forward but was thrust on to a half back flank in the last quarter. He showed plenty of promise with his classy ball use and even got amongst the kick-ins! Job security should be fine given the rabble he is working with here.

LDU ($824k MID, 69)Not a great day at the office from LDU but all keen coaches needed to see was bulk CBA’s, of which he attended the most for Norf.

Ziebell ($537K FWD, 58) – Interesting… Seemed to be roaming around off half-back and enjoying multiple kick-ins – shades of 2021 there! At $537K, dare I say it I’ll be watching him closely in the first few rounds.

Phillips ($270K MID, 56) – Role? Huge tick! The young man should be plenty of game time and midfield minutes early in 2023… He looks a likely type at clearance and was matching it with an experienced Doggies midfield with his physicality. You can just about lock him in.

Comben ($259K FWD, 6)The potential F7/F8 nearly gave away more free kicks (5) than he had fantasy points! Staggering stuff from K-mart CC.

Midfield Mix: Powell, Cunnington, LDU, Simpkin, Phillips, Zuurhaar.

Kick-Ins: Ziebell, McDonald, Goater, Sheezel.

Who else was on your watchlist in this match? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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