2023 Quickfire Practice Match Reviews: BWS vs Gold Coast

Saturday arvo footy returned to Blacktown, this time in comparatively nicer conditions where the two youngest clubs in the AFL met… In the end, it was the Giants who ran riot in the 3rd quarter to run away 45 point winners. As always, plenty of fantasy relevant names to discuss!

Final Score

BWS 19.8 (122)

Gold Coast 12.5 (77)

Let’s get into the quickfire review!


Kelly ($899K MID, 107) – Unsurprisingly, Kelly relished the Taranto and Hopper-less Giants midfield! He started on ball and got involved with a truckload of footy, racking up a lazy 36 touches. At $899K, he is a $100-$150K discount from those big dogs… Tempting!

Cumming ($802K DEF, 106)Just quietly went about his business with 25 touches and 9 marks off a half-back flank. His 2% ownership would attest to the fact he is flying under the radar…

T.Green ($752K MID, 95)Canberra and Dua Lipa bias aside, the kid is looking like a man now. He has shed some of the puppy fat but has maintained his physicality and poise around the contest! There’s no doubt he will enjoy plenty of extra midfield minutes and at $752K, you could do a lot worse.

Callaghan ($406k MID, 88) – The former pick #3 stood out playing primarily off a wing. 88 points in 66% time on ground – another preseason tempter.

Whitfield ($804K MID, 82)Looked to be at home playing the familiar half-back role… Using his run and dash from behind to start many forward chains for the Giants as well as buttering up for the odd kick-in! However, I’m passing at this point given we can only select him as a Mid.

Cogs ($871K MID/FWD, 77) – Yeah so it’s not a great score from Cogs but I’m not overly concerned… He started on ball and played plenty of minutes in there. He copped a huge bump late in Q2 which knocked the wind out of his sails a bit! Thankfully, no injury concern so he should be cherry ripe for R1.

Himmelberg ($708K DEF/FWD, 54) – Played forward. Wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole based on that role!

Midfield Mix: Kelly, Green, Cogs, Perryman, Ward (Q4), O’Halloran.

Kick-Ins: Whitfield, Ash, Cumming.

Gold Coast

Flanders ($508K MID/FWD, 102) – A shining light in what was otherwise a disappointing display from the 3-park regulars. Flanders spent time forward, on a wing and then through the midfield for the final three quarters of the game! At $508K, I won’t be doing it but a few out there may take the punt on the genuine mid-pricer.

Constable ($332K DEF/MID, 76) – Role looked really good for the Jesse Sands wannabe, playing off a half-back flank cashing in with a few +6’s and some kick-ins. Surely the mature-ager will get a better crack at it this year up at the Suns? I think he has done enough to play R1 and will only set us back about $30K more than Ashcroft.

Witts ($801K RUC, 71)Solid without being outstanding as the #1 ruck. As durable as they come and he’ll be consistent again – I just wouldn’t be expecting too many massive scores.

Tsitas ($200K MID/FWD, 15) – Currently residing in 25% of teams is the mature-aged recruit… He only played 22% of the game which tells us he is on the outer. I wouldn’t be surprised if his ownership went into freefall mode!

Miller ($972K MID, DNP) – Still recovering from a minor hamstring strain, the absence of Touk stood out like dogs balls… By all reports he’ll be fine for R1 but will go in underdone!

Midfield Mix: Rowell, Swallow, Anderson, Davies, Flanders (Q2/Q3/Q4), Fiorini (Q3/Q4), Hollands (Q4).

Kick-Ins: Long, MacPherson, Constable.

Who else was on your watchlist in this match? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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