Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 2

Get your trade tips and advice heading into round 2 with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Nic ‘The Alpha’ Martin ($266K FWD, ESS) – 130

Top of the tree for non-owners, and for good reason! Incredible to think that as early as round 2, this could be your last chance before he is out of reach… all aboard the Martin train. Breakeven of -44!

Patrick Lipinski ($638K MID, COLL) – 117

Looked great as a key cog in the Pies midfield. Still great value there and I suspect his 3% ownership will rise sharply on the back of this performance. Lipinski may be one the dogs rue…

Isaac Heeney ($672K FWD, SYD) – 121

Probably a better player than fantasy player if that makes sense… however, Heeney showed he can do it from both inside attacking 50 and on ball!

In the Mix: Jack Hayes, Andrew Brayshaw, Jye Caldwell.


Jack Crisp ($819K DEF/MID, COLL) – 51

Yes, this was a royal stitch up from supposedly one of the most reliable fantasy footballers going around… Go ahead and rage trade to send him a message but don’t forget why you picked him!

Lachie Whitfield ($778K DEF/MID, GWS) – 69

The defenders really screwed us over but I expect Whit to bounce back… should be a top-6 defender by seasons end.

Max Gawn ($892K RUC, MELB) – 79

Trade out big Maxxy at your own peril! Stay strong. Has had a history of poor round 1 performances and usually does not take long to hit back.

In the Mix: Jayden Short, Hugh McLuggage, Taylor Adams.


Dayne Zorko ($860K MID, BL) – 32

Out of the midfield rotation and should be out of your team to stem the bleeding – cash out now before he bottoms out! Limped off in the 3rd quarter with what looked to be a calf injury, however, scans have cleared him of serious damage. Breakeven of 168 this week.

Christian Salem ($717K DEF, MELB) – 3

Came off early in Q1 with a knee injury that is likely to keep him out for up to 2 months. Stiff for the 12% of owners who find themselves with a forced trade – the $62K price drop just adds salt to the wound…

Todd Goldstein ($709K RUC, NM) – 69

Looks like the time has come for Goldy to hand over the #1 ruck mantle to his mate Tristan Xerri… this does not help his cause from a fantasy perspective and it showed on Sunday afternoon.

In the Mix: Sam De Koning, Connor Rozee, Jarryd Lyons.

Round 1 Top Scorers

  • Bazlenka Smith ($781K MID) – 154
  • Dan ‘We don’t have a problem’ Houston ($720K DEF) – 150
  • Norm (formerly Christian) Petracca ($953K MID) – 146
  • Tom Green ($646K MID) – 133
  • Ben Keays ($924K MID) – 132

Top 5 Price Rises:

  • Nic Martin ($266K FWD | ESS | 26.61% ownership) +$76K
  • Jack Hayes ($253K RUC/FWD | STK | 59.78% ownership) +$63K
  • Dan Houston ($720K DEF | PA | 2.89% ownership) +$50K
  • Bazlenka Smith ($781K MID | WB | 10.33% ownership) +$48K
  • Nicky Daicos ($332K MID | COLL | 68.99% ownership) +$48K

Top 5 Price Drops:

  • Christian Salem ($717K DEF | MELB | 11.71% ownership) -$62K
  • Kyle Langford ($667K MID | ESS | 0.11% ownership) -$59K
  • Dayne Zorko ($860K MID | BL | 0.84% ownership) -$53K
  • Dion ‘Human Meatball’ Prestia ($732K MID | RICH | 0.58% ownership) -$37K
  • Jack Crisp ($819K DEF/MID | COLL | 36.34% ownership) -$35K

Lowest Breakevens:

  • Nic Martin ($266K FWD | ESS | 26.61% ownership) -44
  • Jack Hayes ($253K RUC/FWD | STK | 59.78% ownership) -31
  • Josh Rachele ($327K FWD | CROM | 59.42% ownership) -7
  • Nicky Daicos ($332K MID | COLL | 68.99% ownership) -7
  • Tyson Stengle ($344K FWD | GEEL | 7.49% ownership) -3

Highest Breakevens:

  • Dayne Zorko ($860K MID | BL | 0.84% ownership) – 168
  • Christian Salem ($717K DEF | MELB | 11.71% ownership) – 159
  • Jarryd Lyons ($959K MID | BL | 1.9% ownership) – 149
  • Kyle Langford ($667K MID | ESS | 0.11% ownership) – 149
  • Touk Miller ($1.01m MID | GC | 20.15% ownership) – 147

*ownership % as of 11pm 21 March 2022.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your early trade thoughts in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


3 thoughts on “Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 2

  1. Team:
    Whitfield, short, hewitt, sic, Chapman, Mccartin (de K, Dean)
    Touk, steele, macrae, Neale, Rowell, HF, daicos, ward (McDonald, mead)
    Gawn, Grundy (Hayes)
    Dunk, butters, cog, Stengel, xerri, Rachelle (Baldwin, Durdin)

    Not really sure what to do with my trades now that N Martin is out. May have to cut Ward due to his ankle issue

    Liked by 1 person

    • Matty Rog! Great to hear from you legend. Thankfully, it looks like Ward will get up… let’s just hope he is not a late out!

      Yeah Nic Martin was easily the most traded in player this week (for good reason!) until the bad news came through. Looks like your bench has been decimated with De K, Dean, Mead and Baldwin all out… A patch up job may be in order Matty! Seems to be a few options for rooks this week though it’s hard to predict scoring ability and job security – important to consider injuries and when they are due to return.


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