Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 7

Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 7? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Touk Miller ($874K MID, GCS) – 111

Touk Touk has been a bit underwhelming to start the season, particularly for those who paid >$1m for the man. He is now very reasonably priced and showed us his scoring power with a 75 point second half in the Q clash vs Brisbane. He might have one more price drop in him but I doubt Touk will be available much cheaper than this!

Connor Rozee ($553K FWD, PA) – 119

Now this is risk vs reward on steroids… If you are a bit behind in the pack, Rozee could be your man to try and gain some ground on the top teams, without giving up an arm and a leg! After averaging a D6-like 44.5 over the first 4 rounds, Rozee has been swung into the midfield for returns of 113 and 119! Dirt cheap if he keeps the role but this move could easily go the other way and d*ck you twice as hard!

Sam Hayes ($258K RUCK, PA) – 77

Another solid showing from the Port giant, albeit against an undermanned Weagles… Will be a popular trade target for those non-owners given his scoring and cash generation thus far!

In the Mix: Keidean Coleman, Robbie McComb, Callum Mills.


Tim Taranto ($879K MID/FWD, GWS) – 65

A rare off night for TT in the nation’s capital. It’s an obvious hold for owners and non-owners will be licking their lips with some heavy price drops on the way!

Isaac Heeney ($787K FWD, SYD) – 66

Heen’s hot streak of 95+ scores came to an end but he has been awesome so far this season – keep calm and hold.

Christian Petracca ($876K MID, MELB) – 76

Trac has been frustrating for his owners in recent times – averaging a sub-par 88 over the past month of footy… Cast our minds back 5 weeks ago and Trac had an average of 139 heading into round 3 – imagine the regret when you miss out on his massive scores having sideways traded him…

In the Mix: Jake Lloyd, Tristan Xerri, Jack Macrae.


Brodie Grundy ($802K RUCK, COLL) – 105

This one hurts! You know it’s a bad omen for the week if one of your big dogs is ruled out on Tuesday arvo… 10-12 weeks adds insult to injury but at least we are clear on the expected timeline – it is a must trade! I still can’t fathom how the man played on in the last quarter… lion-hearted effort.

Stephen Coniglio ($730K MID/FWD, GWS) – 79

A little controversial… but being at the game on Friday confirmed that Cogs is not getting a lot of midfield time, even with Toby Greene back in the side! He averages 89 for the season and while his scores won’t burn you, an 89 average will not crack the top 6 forwards.

Jack Hayes ($408K FWD/RUCK) – 18

Honestly it was the pits being at the game live learning that Hayes had suffered a suspected ACL injury… unfortunately, these suspicions were confirmed and the big man is out for the rest of the season. Heart-breaking and a must trade!

In the Mix: Connor McDonald, Patrick Lipinski, Paddy McCartin, Josh Rachele.

Round 6 Top Scorers

  • Callum Mills ($887K MID, SYD) – 162
  • Josh Dunkley ($929K MID/FWD, WB) – 138
  • Todd Marshall ($508K FWD, PA) – 137
  • Dan Houston ($772K DEF/MID, PA) – 134
  • Nick Vlaustin ($687K DEF, RICH) – 131

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Todd Marshall ($508K FWD | PA | 0.26% ownership) +$69K
  • Braydon Preuss ($536K RUCK | GWS | 26.78% ownership) +69K
  • Connor Rozee ($553K FWD | PA | 4.04% ownership) +66K
  • Lachie Schultz ($566K FWD | FREO | 0.65% ownership) +62K
  • Nathan O’Driscoll ($346K DEF/MID | FREO | 50.35% ownership) +$52K

Top 5 Price Drops

  • Elliot Yeo ($624K MID | WCE | 0.46% ownership) -$57K
  • Jarman Impey ($650k DEF | HAW | 0.33% ownership) -53K
  • Josh P Kennedy ($553K MID | SYD | 0.29% ownership) -$50K
  • Aliir Aliir ($453K DEF | PA | 3.36% ownership) $48K
  • Robbie Gray ($510K FWD | PA | 0.5% ownership) -$46K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Sam Hayes ($258K RUCK | PA | 36.32% ownership) -15
  • Malcolm Rosas ($276K FWD | GCS | 5.22% ownership) -10
  • Hugh Dixon ($329K FWD/RUC | WCE | 38.56% ownership) 0
  • Luke Strnadica ($213K RUCK | WCE | 9.68% ownership) 2
  • Todd Marshall ($508K FWD | PA | 0.26% ownership) 2

Highest Breakevens

  • Tim Taranto ($879K MID/FWD | GWS | 26.2% ownership) – 151
  • Christian ‘Norm’ Petracca ($876K MID | MELB | 26.11% ownership) – 149
  • Matthew Kennedy ($773K MID | CARL | 1.41% ownership) – 135
  • Andy Brayshaw ($981K MID | FREO | 12.26% ownership) – 135
  • Ben Keays ($958K MID | ADEL | 4.53% ownership) – 134

*Ownership % as of 11pm 26 April 2022. Filtered as relevant.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your trade plans in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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