Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 6

Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 6? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Bailey Smith ($928K MID, WB) – 147

Forget insta or Tik Tok Baz, you have started a new cult following… The man averages an insane 135! 135! He plays pretty much 100% time on ground and wins the footy both inside and outside. Fingers crossed he doesn’t start copping more attention from oppositions!

Jordan Dawson ($767K DEF/MID, ADEL) – 99

Daws has warmed into his work nicely over the first 5 rounds at Crom land… Given Crom love feeding him, I’m expecting a few big scores on the horizon – he should at least be consistent for us! Let’s just hope it’s not too windy or wet down there in Ballarat this weekend!

Sam Hayes ($209K RUCK, PA) – 51

The big man didn’t disgrace himself on debut against the Blues and should get an extended run at it with Lycett out for at least 2-3 months. Hopefully a safe 50 each week as Port’s #1 ruck! Comes into round 6 with a breakeven of 7 so plenty of $$$ to be made!

In the Mix: Malcolm Rosas, Jack Sinclair, Ben Hobbs.


Brodie Grundy ($816K RUCK, COLL) – 54

Yes this was piss poor and you have every right to rage trade to send the big blonk a message… However, remember why you picked him! Surely you’ve got more pressing issues elsewhere.

Jayden Short ($843K DEF, RICH) – 72

Goes without saying but in no universe does it make sense to trade out Short given how good he had been the previous 3 weeks! The fantasy-friendly half-back role is still there so he should get back to his old tricks in the coming weeks.

Sam Docherty ($854K DEF, CARL) – 71

Not dissimilar to Short, don’t panic on Doch! Hadn’t dropped below 95 until the weekend so the consistency is there! Expect him to bounce back.

In the Mix: Touk Miller, Josh Kelly, Jason Horne-Francis.


Aaron Hall ($818K DEF, NM) – 50

Hall was on track for yet another ton when he pinged a string late in Q2 against the Dogs. Not such a good Friday for Hally (or indeed the entire establishment)! Genuine stitch up if you are an owner… silver lining is because he is so expensive, you can go to anyone you want!

Matt Rowell ($757K MID, GCS) – 66

Harsh… but back to back 66’s just ain’t gonna cut it from ‘Mediocre Matt’. To put things into perspective, Tristan Xerri is averaging just one point less per game than Rowelly… The mid role is there but he always seems to have 1-2 opponents hanging off him whenever he gets the footy! If you’ve got nothing pressing, flicking Rowell has got to be on your radar – you picked him to be a stepping stone…

Rory Sloane ($661K MID, ADEL) – 40

Tragic to see Sloaney go down with an ACL injury… A real warrior for Crom and sadly a must trade.

In the Mix: Paddy McCartin, Brady Hough, Matthew Crouch.

Round 5 Top Scorers

  • Bazlenka Smith ($928K MID, WB) – 147
  • Big Max ($874K RUCK, MELB) – 132
  • Jack Crisp ($810K DEF/MID, COLL) – 125
  • Andy Brayshaw ($986K MID, FREO) – 123
  • Luke Parker ($747K MID/FWD, SYD) – 123

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Nathan O’Driscoll ($346K DEF/MID | FREO | 47.07% ownership) +$71K
  • Nick Daicos ($605K MID/DEF | COLL | 70.45% ownership) +$60K
  • Bazlenka Smith ($928K MID | WB | 17.95% ownership) +$56K
  • Charlie Curnow ($514K FWD | CARL | 5.8% ownership) +$56K
  • Nic ‘Alpha’ Martin ($476K FWD | ESS | 42.53% ownership) +$54K

Top 5 Price Drops

  • Aaron Hall ($818K DEF | NM | 15.85% ownership) -$54K
  • Jack Ziebell ($713K DEF/FWD | NM | 3.1% ownership) -$51K
  • Jeremy Howe ($695K DEF | COLL | 1.3% ownership) -$49K
  • John Noble ($560K DEF | COLL | 0.38% ownership) -$49K
  • Todd Goldstein ($534K RUC/FWD | NM | 1.04% ownership) -$47K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Nathan O’Driscoll ($346K DEF/MID | FREO | 47.07% ownership) -17
  • Malcolm Rosas ($276K FWD | GCS | 1.8% ownership) -10
  • Hugh Dixon ($329K FWD/RUC | WCE | 44.27% ownership) 0
  • Neil Erasmus ($333K MID | FREO | 2.58% ownership) 5
  • Reef McInnes ($260K MID | COLL | 8.71% ownership) 6

Highest Breakevens

  • Ollie Wines ($883K MID | PA | 3.18% ownership) – 161
  • Aaron Hall ($818K DEF | NM | 15.85% ownership) – 153
  • Touk Miller ($896K MID | GCS | 21.17% ownership) – 147
  • Christian ‘Norm’ Petracca ($919K MID | MELB | 25.97% ownership) – 142
  • Jack Ziebell ($713K DEF/FWD | NM | 3.1% ownership) – 134

*Ownership % as of 11pm 18 April 2022. Filtered as relevant.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your trade plans in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


3 thoughts on “Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 6

    • Matty Rog! I don’t mind the trade and can see your thinking given Gresh is in good form and seeing increased midfield minutes. Only thing I worry about with this one is Gresh is probably not in the conversation to be a top 6 averaging fwd come seasons end… You’ll end up using another trade to get him to an uber premo.


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