AFL Fantasy Round 5 Ready: Captains, Rookie Radar and Final Thoughts

Get yourself Fantasy ready for round 5 with this last minute guide!

Round 5 Resources:

The Weekend That Was: Round 4

Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 5 –

AFL Team Selections –

Round 5 results so far:

Brisbane Lions 15.8 (98)

Collingwood 14.7 (91)

Vice-Captaincy Loophole Options

Did you roll with a VC selection in last night’s game? Let’s see how they all fared:

Crisp (125) and Neale (119) – Boom. Neale put the team on his shoulders in game 200 and Crisp was his usual, busy self collecting 36 touches and 8 tackles… Great start to the long weekend of footy for those who looped – enjoy the guaranteed points!

Luggage (110) and Zorko (109)Borderline… Yes it is guaranteed points but you’re bound to have someone go bigger than this! I can understand why you’d take it given the Crippa scenario last week – two weeks in a row with an injury affected captain score would be criminal!

Everyone else

Quickfire Captain Options

Others to consider: Josh Dunkley, Andy Brayshaw, Tim Taranto, Mitch Duncan

Rookie Radar: Round 5 Power Rankings

Teams Selections – Round 5

Key Holds

  • Reef McInnes ($228K MID, COLL) – 62
  • Hugh Dixon ($278K FWD/RUCK, WCE)
  • Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera ($330K DEF/MID, STK)
  • Marcus Windhager ($218K MID/FWD, STK)
  • Hugo Ralphsmith ($351K MID/FWD, RICH)
  • Jake Stein ($229K DEF, GWS)
  • Malcolm Rosas ($228K FWD, GCS)
  • Josh Ward ($381K MID, HAW)
  • Connor McDonald ($346K MID, HAW)
  • Sam De Koning ($204K DEF/FWD, GEEL)
  • Jackson Mead ($280K MID, PA)*
  • Nathan O’Driscoll ($275K DEF/MID, FREO)*
  • Neil Erasmus ($333K MID, FREO)*

*Named on Sunday/Monday extended squads… I worry about Erasmus and O’Driscoll given Freo’s inclusions!

Key Ins

  • Kai Lohmann ($252K FWD, BL) – 39
  • Taylor ‘Mr Chalk’ Adams ($748K MID, COLL)
  • Jordan De Goey ($737K MID/FWD, COLL)
  • Mason ‘Speed Dealers’ Cox ($383K FWD, COLL)
  • Elliot Yeo ($696K MID, WCE)
  • Luke Shuey ($683K MID, WCE)
  • Tim Kelly ($699K MID, WCE)
  • Jack Hayes ($367K FWD/RUCK, STK)
  • Jack ‘Snags’ Higgins ($557K FWD, STK)
  • Nick Vlaustin ($638K DEF, RICH)
  • Finn Callaghan ($286K MID, GWS)
  • Matt Flynn ($588K RUCK, GWS)
  • Nick Haynes ($585K DEF, GWS)
  • Corey Durdin ($268K FWD, CARL)
  • Aliir Aliir ($543K DEF, PA)
  • Robbie Gray* ($578K FWD, PA)
  • Sam Skinner* ($208K DEF/FWD)
  • Sam Hayes* ($190K RUCK, PA)
  • Ben Hobbs* ($266K MID, ESS)
  • Kaine Baldwin* ($194K FWD, ESS)
  • Caleb Serong* ($659K MID, FREO)
  • Darcy Tucker* ($532K MID, FREO)
  • Tom Stewart ($762K DEF, GEEL)
  • Joel Selwood* ($677K MID, GEEL)
  • Chad Wingard* ($598K MID/FWD)
  • Tom Phillips* ($611K MID, HAW)

*Named in Sunday/Monday extended squads

Injured/H&S Protocols/Suspended/Managed

  • Jamie ‘Billy’ Elliott ($628K FWD, COLL)
  • Wank Jack Ginnivan ($419K FWD, COLL)
  • Buddy Franklin ($558K FWD, SYD)
  • Josh P Kennedy ($603K MID, SYD)
  • Nic Nat ($620K RUCK, WCE)
  • Paddy Ryder ($585K RUCK, STK)
  • Jack Lukosius ($608K DEF/MID, GCS)
  • Josh Gibcus ($294K DEF, RICH)
  • Bone Head Preuss ($467K RUCK, GWS)
  • Patrick Cripps ($803K MID, CARL)
  • Ollie Wines ($883K MID, PA)
  • Will Day ($543K DEF, HAW)

Notable Omissions

  • Brady Hough ($273K MID, WCE)
  • Harry Schoenberg ($613K MID, ADEL)

Final Thoughts

It’s generally around this time of the season where you team starts to settle. Your big dogs are locked and loaded and the must have rookies have made themselves known! Famous last words but if you have set yourself up well, the traditional downgrade-upgrade will be a recipe for success to improve your team heading into the dreaded byes! New DPPs coming next week should give us all a bit more flexibility! Make sure you keep an eye out for final team announcements at!

Cheers legends and bring on round 5!

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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