AFL Fantasy Round 4 Ready: Captains, Rookie Radar and Final Thoughts

Get yourself Fantasy ready for round 4 with this last minute guide!

Round 4 Resources:

The Weekend That Was: Round 3

Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 4

AFL Team Selections

Round 4 results so far:

Melbourne 10.8 (68)

Port Adelaide 4.12 (36)

Vice-Captaincy Loophole Options

A Thursday night fixture between Port and Melbourne provided coaches with some juicy VC options… Let’s take a look at how they all fared:

Max (140)That. Was. A. Statement. Big Max is back baby. Dominated in the ruck department and also in the air taking a trademark 12 marks! Great start to the weekend for coaches who can bank 280.

Boak (127)Unique but a few may have done it. Enjoy your guaranteed 254 points!

Petracca (77), Oliver (68), Wines (36), Mayes (17), etc. – Ummmmm no.

Quickfire Captain Options

Okay… lets address the elephant in the room. My Captain options last week stank! To the Fantasy community, I apologise – let’s get back to picking winners in round 4! If last week taught us anything, it is beware the tag! Touk struggled to 68 with a double-tag from Ash and De Boer and Andy Brayshaw copped attention from Jackson Nelson of all people… You’ll notice with Brayshaw up against GWS this week, he will not be making an appearance on my list.

Others to consider: Tim Taranto, Josh Dunkley, Jayden Short

Rookie Radar: Power Rankings

Team Selections – Round 4

Key Holds

  • Jackson Mead ($243K MID, PA) – 57
  • Jed McEntee ($207K MID/FWD, PA) – 36
  • Tyson Stengle ($374K FWD, GEEL)
  • Sam De Koning ($193K DEF/FWD, GEEL)
  • Lachie Neale ($871K MID, BL)
  • Brady Hough ($251K MID, WCE)
  • Hugh Dixon ($226K FWD/RUCK)
  • Reef McInnes ($215K MID, COLL)
  • Braydon Preuss ($411K RUCK, GWS)
  • Jake Stein ($213K DEF, GWS)
  • Nathan O’Driscoll ($202K DEF/MID, FREO)
  • Neil Erasmus ($294K MID, FREO)
  • Tex Wanganeen (197K FWD, ESS)

Key Ins

  • Mark O’Connor ($511K DEF/MID, GEEL) – may run around with Lachie Neale…
  • Justin McInerney ($565K DEF/MID, SYD)
  • LDU ($682K MID, NM)
  • Atu Bosenavulagi ($369K DEF, NM)
  • Liam Druggan ($666K DEF/MID, WCE)
  • Willie Rioli ($358K FWD, WCE)
  • Jack Riewoldt ($518K FWD, RICH)
  • Dion ‘Meatballs’ Prestia ($732K MID, RICH)
  • David Mundy ($742K MID, FREO)
  • Sean Darcy ($750K RUCK, FREO)
  • Jackson Hately ($479K MID, ADEL)
  • Rory Sloane ($715K MID, ADEL)
  • Taylor Wanlker ($632K FWD, ADEL)
  • Adam Saad ($627K DEF, CARL)
  • Marcus Windhager ($198K MID/FWD, STK)

Injured/H&S Protocols/suspended

  • Joel Smith ($289K DEF, MELB)
  • Jordan De Goey ($737K MID/FWD, COLL)
  • Taylor Adams ($748K MID, COLL)
  • Andrew Gaff ($817K MID, WCE)
  • Darcy Tucker ($532K DEF, FREO)
  • Nick Haynes ($585K DEF, GWS)
  • Chad Wingard ($598K MID/FWD, HAW)
  • Jack ‘Snags’ Higgins ($577K FWD, STK)
  • Corey Durdin ($268K FWD, CARL)

Notable Omissions

  • Sam spud Skinner ($208K DEF/FWD, PA)
  • Harry Sharp ($190K MID, BL)

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty of hype around a bunch of players who have got off to a flyer in season 2022! If the price is right and you nail these selections… they could be the difference and your leg up on the competition! In the coming weeks, we will likely transition to the typical downgrade-upgrade trading strategy. With cash again tight this season, you may find yourself doing multiple downgrades to get to the player you want for an upgrade! Make the assessment, is saving the cash and possibly losing points in the short-term worth it for the longer term gain? Also important to have an eye on the dreaded byes which will happen from rounds 12-14… More on bye-planning in a future article!

Cheers legends and bring on round 4!

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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