Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 3

Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 3? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Nick Daicos ($821K DEF, COLL) – 117

The kid is a genius. Tag or no tag it is a case of dominant Daicos at the moment! You know he is always going to find the pill and I think the question other teams will ask is how do we quell his influence? Thankfully for us fantasy coaches, efficiency doesn’t really matter, as long as he is getting bulk touches we will cash in!

Luke Davies-Uniacke ($860K MID, NORF) – 123

LDU stocks continue to rise after another standout performance vs Freo in the west. He’s full of confidence at present and at $860K, there’s no reason why LDU can’t push the top 10 mids this season.

Rory Laird ($1m MID, CROM) – 142

Classic R.Laird. He makes the ‘buy’ section this week as he comes into R3 with a breakeven of 135… There is every prospect he tops that and some! Non-owners will be hoping for a couple more price drops but the reality is, he may not be much cheaper than this for yonks!

In the Mix: Brodie Grundy, Will Setterfield.


Sam Docherty ($949K DEF, CARL) – 79

A rare off night by Doch’s lofty standards after getting off to a flyer… Keep calm and hold!

Cam Mackenzie ($347K MID, HAW) – 44

Yes the 44 was not ideal but the fact is Cam still has plenty of $$$ to make… We want to try and squeeze as much out of him as possible so it makes no sense to trade. Couple that with the fact he is generally a trustworthy onfield selection and it’s a no-brainer.

Jack Macrae ($894K MID, WB) – 73

Symbolic off the Dogs at the moment and he really didn’t look himself out there on Saturday night… However, coaches are reminded that he did ton up the week prior so there is every prospect he returns to normal.

In the Mix: Chad Warner, Hayden Young, Mattaes Phillipou.


Jack Steele ($969K MID, STK) – 118

Warrior. Post-game it was revealed that Steeley was playing through a broken collarbone for a large portion of the Saints fixture with the Bulldogs. A huge effort but unfortunately he is set for about a month on the sidelines!

Max Gawn ($849K RUC, MELB) – 4

Devastating. Thankfully not an ACL for Maxxy but he will spend 1-2 months on the side lines with a medial ligament sprain. It’s a must trade.

Alex Witherden ($783K DEF, WCE) – 58

Yikers! We all know what Witho is capable of on his day but his scoring has been a sh*tshow and his price is in freefall mode… He averages 62.5 and it will only take about $50K to get to Nick Daicos. Time to jump off.

In the Mix: Campbell Chesser, Noah Long, Spud McVee.

R2 Top Scorers

  • Clayton Oliver ($1.03m MID, MELB) – 149
  • Rory ‘Desk Pig’ Laird ($1m MID, CROM ) – 142
  • Jeremy Cameron ($776K FWD, GEEL) – 138
  • Will Setterfield ($717K MID, ESS) – 130
  • Harry Sheezel ($466K FWD, NORF) – 127

Top 5 Price Rises:

  • Harry Sheezel ($466K FWD | NORF | 69.14% ownership) +$108K
  • Will Setterfield ($717K MID | ESS | 14.63% ownership) +$69K
  • Kade Chandler ($328K FWD | MELB | 35.47% ownership) +$68K
  • Jack ‘Z-Bull’ Ziebell ($629K FWD | NORF | 7.6% ownership) +$57K
  • Reuben Ginbey ($384K DEF/MID | WCE | 74.65% ownership) +$56K

Top 5 Price Drops:

  • Lochie ‘O-O-O’ O’Brien ($506K MID | CARL | 0.21% ownership) -$73K
  • Max ‘tada 2023’ Gawn ($849K RUC | MELB | 19.97% ownership) -$71K
  • Hugh ‘The Luggage’ McCluggage ($822K MID | BL | 0.79% ownership) -$50K
  • Trav Boak ($791K MID | PA | 0.2% ownership) -$50K
  • Sam ‘Straw’ Berry ($661K MID | CROM | 0.77% ownership) -$48K

Lowest Breakevens:

  • Harry Sheezel ($466K FWD | NORF | 69.14% ownership) -40
  • Kade Chandler ($328K FWD | MELB | 35.47% ownership) -26
  • Anthony ‘Hammer Time’ Caminiti ($248K FWD | STK | 14.52% ownership) -11
  • Luke Pedlar ($290K FWD | CROM | 37.15% ownership) -4
  • Will Ashcroft ($369K MID | BL | 75.72% ownership) -3

Highest Breakevens:

  • Max ‘tada 2023’ Gawn ($849K RUC | MELB | 19.97% ownership) – 170
  • Hugh ‘The Luggage’ McCluggage ($822K MID | BL | 0.79% ownership) – 144
  • Sam Docherty ($949K DEF | CARL | 41.22% ownership) – 140
  • Josh Dunkley ($912K MID/FWD | BL | 74.23% ownership) – 135
  • Rory ‘Desk Pig’ Laird ($1m MID | CROM | 39.65% ownership) – 135

*ownership % as of 9pm 28 March 2022. Minimum 2 games played for break evens.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your early trade thoughts in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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