Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 2

With round 1 done and dusted, it’s time to get our head in the game and be trade-wise! Get your trade tips and advice heading into round 2 with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Jack Ziebell ($572K FWD, NORF) 109

That role on the weekend took me back to the Ziebell of 2021… Absolutely disgusting. IF Ziebell continues in this ludicrously favourable fantasy role then he has to be considered at <$600K! The caveat I will mention is the impending return of A-a-ron Hall which could make this move go balls up.

Kade Chandler ($260K FWD, MELB)104

How about that for a performance?! I don’t think many saw this coming but the fact is Kade Chandler has added $60K to his starting price and heads into R2 with a breakeven well into the negatives! He is sure to be one of the most traded in players for R2.

Will Setterfield ($648K MID, ESS)122

New club, new lease on life! Setterfield was massive at the coalface for the Bombers and has slotted straight into the midfield, attending 74% of centre bounces vs Hawthorn on the weekend. Matchups probably won’t get much softer than that but Brad Scott clearly rates the guy – huge potential upside here!

In the Mix: Jordan De Goey, Hayden Young, Bodhi Uwland, Charlie Comben.


Rory ‘Desk Pig’ Laird ($1.02m MID, CROM)57

30% of the competition will be hitting the ‘rage trade’ pretty hard on Monday/Tuesday night… Just make sure you reverse this before lockouts kick in! You didn’t pay over $1m for nothing – giving the Desk the flick would be the equivalent of committing Fantasy suicide.

Rowan Marshall $792K RUC, STK)72

A quiet one by Ro’s lofty standards, particularly as the #1 ruck man where his numbers have traditionally been through the roof… I wouldn’t panic assuming he continues to maintain his mantle as the main man and no other big boys get a look in.

Oliver Hollands ($289K MID, CARL)44

Tough debut for the running machine but assuming he remains in the 22, don’t be reactionary as he still has $$$ to make for us!

In the Mix: Jack Sinclair, Lachie Cowan, Josh Dunkley, Lachie Neale.


Tom Stewart ($775K DEF, GEEL) – 14

Genuinely rotten luck. Stewwy went down early on Friday night after sustaining an MCL injury… While Geelong have provided a positive prognosis, he’ll be out for at least a couple of weeks and as such is a must trade!

Brodie Grundy ($818K RUC, MELB)79

It’s a no from me. I don’t think we can justify this price tag for someone who is sharing ruck duties and only played 69% time on ground on the back of a full preseason. He may become an option when he bottoms out but there are clearly better options out there!

Tristan Xerri Bomb ($556K RUC, NORF)26

Oh the Xerri bomb… He was actually looking good until his entire bodyweight went through his ankle! Losing >$30K only rubs salt into the wounds of 3.5% of coaches who are now left cash-strapped and with a forced trade on a speculative mid-pricer. This game just shits you from time to time.

In the Mix: Josh Kelly, Jeremy Howe, Lachie Whitfield.

R1 Top Scorers

  • Luke ‘Two first names’ Ryan ($807K DEF, FREO) – 156
  • Brennan ‘No first names’ Cox ($634K DEF, FREO) – 141
  • Jarrod Witts ($834K RUC, GCS) – 137
  • James ‘Sic Dawg’ Sicily ($877K DEF, HAW) – 130
  • Tom Dua-Green ($782K MID, BWS) – 128

Top 5 Price Rises:

  • Harry Sheezel ($358K FWD | NORF | 57.55% ownership) +$62K
  • Kade Chandler ($260 FWD | MELB | 18.69% ownership) +$60K
  • Brennan ‘No first names’ Cox ($634K DEF | FREO | 2.94% ownership) +$55K
  • Luke ‘Two first names’ Ryan ($807K DEF | FREO | 2.55% ownership) +$51K
  • Kysiah ‘Kozi’ Pickett ($543K FWD | MELB | 3.1% ownership) +$46K

Top 5 Price Drops:

  • Harry Perryman ($702K MID | BWS | 0.07% ownership) -$64K
  • Tom Stewart ($775K DEF | GEEL | 9.19% ownership) -$62K
  • Rory ‘Desk Pig’ Laird ($1.02m MID | CROM | 27.34% ownership) -$48K
  • Brandon Parfitt ($634K MID | GEEL | 0.12% ownership) -$47K
  • Lochie ‘O-O-O’ O’Brien ($579K MID | CARL | 0.22% ownership) -$44K

Lowest Breakevens:

  • Kade Chandler ($260 FWD | MELB | 18.69% ownership) -26
  • Harry Sheezel ($358K FWD | NORF | 57.55% ownership) -18
  • Bodhi Uwland ($233K DEF/MID | GCS | 23.04% ownership) -4
  • Reuben Ginbey ($328K DEF/MID | WCE | 60.76% ownership) -3
  • Luke Pedlar ($246K FWD | CROM | 32.39% ownership) -3

Highest Breakevens:

  • Rory ‘Desk Pig’ Laird ($1.02m MID | CROM | 27.34% ownership) – 164
  • Tom ‘Alf’ Stewart ($775K DEF | GEEL | 9.19% ownership) – 146
  • Harry Perryman ($702K MID | BWS | 0.07% ownership) – 141
  • Hugh McCluggage ($872K MID | BL | 0.93% ownership) – 135
  • Josh Dunkley ($938K MID/FWD | BL | 57.81% ownership) – 132

*ownership % as of 6pm 21 March 2022.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your early trade thoughts in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70

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