Buy Hold Fold: Round 21

It’s do or die this weekend as we head into sudden death semi-finals… Instant reward is the name of the game with our trading strategy from here on in! Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 21? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Tom Stewart ($795K DEF, GEEL) – 96

Didn’t miss a beat in his first game back following a mammoth suspension for a high dog shot! Has St Kilda this week who he tonned up on earlier in the season and should be high on your radar if you are after a defender.

Angus Brayshaw ($784K MID/DEF, MELB) – 108

Role change alert! Bray went back to his roots against his bro’s Fremantle, attending a heap of centre bounces even with Petracca, Oliver, Viney and Sparrow in the side. Petracca seemed to be deployed more forward of the ball (and was elite!) so hopefully this means more of the same for Bray and his inside mid role! A definite watch this week to see if this midfield role continues… Hopefully we don’t get Bevo’d by Goody.

Mason Redman ($784K DEF, MELB) – 139

Continuing on the theme of defenders with a unique flavour to this one… I give you Mason Redman. Role, tick. Ceiling, tick. Consistency, ?. If you go in as underdog in a sudden death semi-final, you’d rather die trying and lose by 100+ points! Now, he’s not at Marvel under the roof this weekend but the weather in Sydney looks to be clear which will suit his high marking game.

In the Mix: Rowan Marshall, Patrick Cripps, Luke Parker, Zach Merrett.


Tim English ($788K RUCK/FWD, WB) – 73

Gee this was painful to watch… But surely you have more pressing issues to deal with? Sean Darcy and Freo won’t be easy but I expect a big response given the Dogs precarious ladder position!

Bazlenka Sm(n)iff ($804K MID/FWD, WB) – 65

The Dogs had a terrible Fantasy game on Saturday night and apparently it was no different with Baz… I expect him and the rest of the Dogs mids to bounce back in the coming weeks so don’t panic!

Clayton Oliver ($897K MID, MELB) – 87

A couple of quieter weeks by Clarry’s lofty standards over the past fortnight… comes up against the Pies who he had 146 on earlier in the season! A no brainer to hold.

In the Mix: Jack Macrae, Ben Keays, Jack Crisp, Lachie Neale.


James Sicily ($698K DEF, HAW) – 67

Can’t believe I didn’t start with this hack gun, who has been nothing short of phenomenal after starting the season heavily discounted as a mid-pricer! Unfortunately, a three-round average of 75 isn’t going to cut it against the big dogs… A bit of a luxury but if you can get to an uber premo go for gold.

Jai Culley ($332K MID/FWD, WCE) – 36

Well… that was a disaster. Not only did Culley cop a two week suspension for an elbow to the jaw of Noah Anderson when the ball was in another postcode, he though he’d 1UP himself and ping a string for good measure! Time to cull Culley.

Reilly O’Brien ($757K RUCK, CROM) – 62

Played a role for coaches throughout ‘Rucking Hell’ earlier in the season but there are better options out there now… Hopefully you cashed out last week to Marshall/Gawn and made some $$$. Fraudulent activity of the highest order!

In the Mix: Nic ‘Alpha’ Martin, Jayden Short, Patrick ‘Pew Pew Pew’ Parnell.

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Josh ‘Psychiatric’ Ward ($586K MID | HAW | 11.76% ownership) +$56K
  • Noah ‘Dead Eye Dick’ Cumberland ($387K MID/FWD | RICH | 7.67% ownership) +$56K
  • Errol Gulden ($676K FWD/MID | SYD | 2.19% ownership) +$54K
  • Jase ‘Pete’ Burgoyne ($347K DEF/MID | PA | 21.56% ownership) +$53K
  • Rowan ‘Marshmallow’ Marshall ($812K RUCK/FWD | STK | 14.04% ownership) +$53K

Top 5 Price Falls

  • Mitch ‘Two first names’ Lewis ($459K FWD | HAW | 0.58% ownership) -$50K
  • Tom ‘Dry July’ Green ($597K MID | GWS | 3.98% ownership) -$50K
  • Josh Barooooose ($397K FWD | WB | 0.23% ownership) -$47K
  • Shane ‘Gilbert’ McAdam ($409K FWD | 0.31% ownership) -$41K
  • Brad ‘Astronaut’ Hill ($554K DEF/FWD | STK | 2.85% ownership) -$40K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Elijah ‘Dutchy’ Hollands ($251K MID/FWD | GCS | 37.08% ownership) -1
  • Jase ‘Pete’ Burgoyne ($347K DEF/MID | PA | 21.56% ownership) -1
  • Josh ‘Frankie’ Worrell ($215K DEF | ADEL | 4.86% ownership) 0
  • Ash Johnson ($288K FWD | COLL | 5.07% ownership% ownership) 1
  • Kallan Dawson ($212K DEF | NM | 3.6% ownership) 1

Highest Breakevens

  • Darcy Parish ($824K MID | ESS | 2.73% ownership) 151
  • Clayton ‘Clarry’ Oliver ($897K MID | MELB | 21.44% ownership) 148
  • Daniel ‘String Pinger’ Rich ($693K DEF | BL | 4.26% ownership) 134
  • Cameron ‘Zach’s Brother’ Guthrie ($824K MID | GEEL | 3.11% ownership) 133
  • Bazlenka Sm(n)iff ($804K MID/FWD | WB | 20.26% ownership) 132

*Ownership % as of 11pm 1 August 2022. Filtered as relevant.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your trade plans in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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