Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 17

Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 17? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Tim Taranto ($748K MID/FWD, GWS) – 125

This could be considered daylight robbery for those familiar with what Tim is capable of on his day. This is probably the cheapest he has been (and will be) in years! Perfect opportunity for coaches to ditch an under-performer or rook for an under-priced gem.

Christian Petracca ($803K MID, MELB) – 141

Vintage Petracca. It was only a matter of time before Trac recaptured his elite early season form! Huge bonus for coaches is that we can now snap him up for $800K! Certainly one for the cash-strapped coach.

Tim English ($884K RUCK/FWD, WB) – DNP

Thank f*ck he’s back! The rucks stocks have been absolutely decimated over the past fortnight, needless to say Speakano’s inclusion comes in a time of real need. Given his elite form throughout the season, coaches will be scrambling to rush him back in… Fingers crossed for a clean bill of health!

In the Mix: Callum Brown, Ollie Wines, Max Gawn, Jase Burgoyne.


Callum Mills ($891K MID, SYD) – 54

Pills, thrills and Callum Mills. I was watching this game and honestly have no clue where it all went wrong? Either way, he’s still a top-8 mid and there’s no need to offload him! Go ahead and rage trade to send him a message but goodness me, do not go through with it.

Sam Docherty ($922K DEF, CARL) – 79

Incredibly, Doch has just two score <89 this season… Friday night vs the mighty Sainters was one of them! Just hurts that little bit more if you whacked the C on him but you’d have to be high as a kite to fold!

Harry Himmelberg ($761K FWD, GWS) – 69

The pissing rain was never going to suit Himmelberg’s high mark game. He still had the fantasy friendly role taking kick-outs so no need to panic at this stage!

In the Mix: Nick Daicos, Dan Houston, Tom Mitchell.


Jackson Hately ($653K MID, ADEL) – 62

3 round average of 73 and starting to bleed cash. Has done a job but it’s now time to give Hately his marching orders and go up to a big dog!

Dayne Zorko ($637K MID/DEF, BL) – 6

Dead to me and the other 3.75% clowns who are now in chronic pain. It’s beyond a loss now giving he’s down to <$650K. It’s going to take a solid Warne chest to get to anyone of note so amazingly, I can understand why you might hold for now…

Aaron Hall ($703K DEF, RABBLE FC) – 12

Tragic. Yes, I flagged that it always feels risky to have Hall but I didn’t think he would ping the quad just days later! Looks as though he will be out for up to a fortnight so it’s hard to justify holding him at this stage of the season.

In the Mix: Jordan De Goey, Jed Anderson, Isaac Heeney.

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Massimo ‘MDMA’ D’Ambrosio ($284K DEF | ESS | 12.02% ownership) +$52K
  • Jake Kelly ($532K DEF | ESS | 0.62% ownership) +$51K
  • Callum Brown ($261K DEF/FWD | GWS | 4% ownership) +$47K
  • Jamie Cripps ($629K FWD | WCE | 0.32% ownership) +$43K
  • Jezza Cameron ($724K FWD | GEEL | 3.06% ownership) +$40K

Top 5 Price Falls

  • Dayne ‘Dead to me.’ Zorko ($637K MID/DEF | BL | 3.46% ownership) -$78K
  • Kyle ‘Langers’ Langford ($543K MID | ESS | 0.08% ownership) -$60K
  • A-a-ron Hall ($703K DEF | NM | 9.78% ownership) -$58K
  • Kane Lambert ($546K FWD | RICH | 0.11% ownership) -$55K
  • Callum ‘Pills, Thrills’ Mills ($891K MID | SYD | 14.8% ownership) -$53K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Callum Brown ($261K DEF/FWD | GWS | 4% ownership) -17
  • Massimo ‘MDMA’ D’Ambrosio ($284K DEF | ESS | 12.02% ownership) -15
  • Jase ‘Peter’ Burgoyne ($220K DEF/MID | PA | 14.05% ownership) -4
  • Jimmy Tunstill ($239K MID | BL | 3.28% ownership) 4
  • Jackson ‘Glenn’ Archer ($208K DEF | NORF | 4.52% ownership) 7

Highest Breakevens

  • Callum ‘Pills, Thrills’ Mills ($891K MID | SYD | 14.8% ownership) 162
  • Dayne ‘Dead to me.’ Zorko ($637K MID/DEF | BL | 3.46% ownership) 148
  • Darcy Parish ($824K MID | ESS | 4.22% ownership) 147
  • Baz Sm(n)iff ($872K MID/FWD | WB | 11.41% ownership) 140
  • A-a-ron Hall ($703K DEF | NM | 9.78% ownership) 139

*Ownership % as of 8pm 4 July 2022. Filtered as relevant.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your trade plans in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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