Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 16

Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 16? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Jack Steele ($880K MID, STK)

Okay I’ll admit it, a bit of St Kilda bias in this but Jack was back like he never left with a huge 124 in a losing effort against the Swans. He started at >$1m for a reason… St Kilda plays 6 of their final 8 fixtures @ Marvel, a venue where Steeley has averaged 107 (taking out his injury affected 77 in R9) this season! Given the Saints (sh*thouse) recent form, Steeley will be looking to leave from the front and point to prove… Hopefully this reflects in more elite scoring.

Aaron Hall ($761K DEF, NORF)

It always feels risky selecting Aaron Hall… However, the value is unquestionable! He had 124 on the weekend with 30 kicks and over 1100m gained on Sunday afternoon. Funnily enough, eeeeevery single metre came back over his head. If you’re looking for ceiling and to free up a bit of cash from Stewart, Hall could be your man!

Jordan Dawson ($854K DEF/MID, CROM) – 120

So with 8 rounds to go, Crom still have fixtures against both West Coast and Norf again… Ludicrous! Guess when these fixture happen to be? In Rounds 21 and 22 which fall perfectly in Fantasy semi and prelim final weekends! I think he pushes a 110 average from here on in and is the perfect Stewwy replacement if cash monies is not an issue.

In the Mix: Jake Lloyd, Ben Keays, Luke Jackson.


Lachie Neale ($925K MID, BL) – 79

Incredible to think that Neale had only scored below 95 once prior to the weekend! He has been phenomenal, particularly when allowed to run around unopposed for 120 minutes… You’d imagine teams will tighten up given Melbourne’s success!

Andy Brayshaw ($921K MID, FREO) – 80

Hahaha classic. I trade Bray in and he goes a produces a season-worst… typical Juggernauts. In all seriousness, keep calm and back the fella in!

Jack Sinclair ($843K DEF/MID, STK) – 72

From memory, the first time this season an opposition has put some time into the girthy calved unit. Hopefully not a sign of things to come but you’d be silly to trade off the back of one sub-par performance!

In the Mix: Jack Crisp, James Sick Dog, Timmy Taranto.


Tom Stewart ($815K DEF, GEEL) – 106

Ta-da Tommy. Despite the brutal nature of his late, high, ball-in-another-postcode dogshot, you’ve gotta commend him for handling the situation with class. Four weeks was the minimum in my view. Let’s hope Dion Prestia is healthy in both the short and longer-term. Stewart won’t return until R20 and is a must trade.

Nick Daicos ($655K DEF/MID, COLL) – 66

Fair to say coaches have hit the jackpot with Daicos this season! A season average of 83 is a sensational effort in his first season in the big time… However, things are starting to heat up from a Fantasy perspectives and we have to stick to the task of upgrading our final rooks!

Nic ‘Alpha’ Martin ($653K MID/FWD, ESS) – 89

Similar to Daicos, Alpha Martin has been awesome in his own right, averaging 84 this season. However, it is time to say our thank yous and flick him to a big dog!

All hail the Alpha Martin! 130 on debut – R1 vs Geelong

In the Mix: Jed Anderson, Callum Jamieson, Jackson Hately.

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Harry Himmelberg ($741K FWD | GWS | 8.19% ownership) +$68K
  • Farcy ‘Dog Fog’ Dogarty ($459K FWD | CROM | 0.75% ownership) +$56K
  • Rhylee West ($479K FWD | WB | 0.46% ownership) +$52K
  • Luke Jackson ($586K RUC/FWD | MELB | 29.08% ownership) +$49K
  • Karl Amon ($818K MID | PA | 1.28% ownership) +$48K

Top 5 Price Falls

  • Kyle ‘Langers’ Langford ($603K MID | ESS | 0.08% ownership) -$64K
  • Brayden Fiorini ($578K MID | GCS | 0.2% ownership) -$63K
  • Wilbur Setterfield ($516K MID | CARL | 0.14% ownership) -$60K
  • Ed ‘Positive Lingers’ Langdon ($579K MID | MELB | 4.73% ownership) -$53K
  • Dion ‘Meatballs’ Prestia ($676K MID | RICH | 0.53% ownership) -$52K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Massimo ‘MDMA’ D’Ambrosio ($232K DEF | ESS | 10.77% ownership) 2
  • Rhett Bazzo ($254K DEF/FWD | WCE | 4.08% ownership) 6
  • Jackson ‘Glenn’ Archer ($208K DEF | NORF | 4.26% ownership) 8
  • Brodie Kemp ($314K DEF | CARL | 0.77% ownership) 8
  • Farcy ‘Dog Fog’ Dogarty ($459K FWD | CROM | 0.75% ownership) 8

Highest Breakevens

  • Darcy Parish ($869K MID | ESS | 4.29% ownership) 155
  • Adam Cerra ($673K MID | CARL | 1.72% ownership) 141
  • Baz Sm(n)iff ($872K MID/FWD | WB | 11.41% ownership) 140
  • Lachie Neale ($925K MID | BL | 46.84% ownership) 137
  • C.Mills ($944K MID | SYD | 14.85% ownership) 136

*Ownership % as of 9pm 27 June 2022. Filtered as relevant.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your trade plans in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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