Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 8

Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 8? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Greg Clark ($250K MID, WCE) – 110

Wowee! How about that for a debut?! Stood out like dogs balls as one of the only Traffic Cones giving any resemblance of effort! Scored more fantasy points than what West Coast got beat by… At this point he is pretty much a must have.

Clayton Oliver ($899K MID, MELB) – 126

6/7 tons from Clarry and with the favourable round 14 bye… ticks sooo many boxes! Unlikely you’ll get him much cheaper at $899K for a little while.

Robbie McComb ($265K MID, WB) – 83

Another rook who was awesome on the weekend vs the Bombers… In the mould of Clark as a mature-aged rook who has dominated the 2’s for a while now! If you already own Clark, McComb is your next best downgrade target this week.

In the Mix: Lachie Neale, Tom Stewart, Alex Witherden, Jack Carroll.


Nick Daicos ($639K MID/DEF, COLL) – 59

Yes it was Whisper’s worst score of the year… but don’t panic! We’ve got muppets putting up 30’s and 40’s sitting on our fields! The fact is, Daicos averages 85… Surely you’re prioritising getting those dud rooks out first.

Will Brodie ($666K MID/FWD, FREO) – 64

Brodie has been awesome for us so far this year with the weekend being his lowest score of the season… Eventually, he will need to go but surely you’ve got more pressing issues for now!

Andrew Brayshaw ($950K MID, FREO) – 83

Coaches were left underwhelmed by Bray’s first poor score of the season. At this stage, he is a shoe-in for top 8 mid and you’d be cray to trade Bray out!

In the Mix: Jake Lloyd, Tom Green, Adam Treloar.


Jason Horne-Francis ($513K MID, NM) – 53

Generally a good indication of when to cull a rook is when their breakeven closely approaches or exceeds their average… JHF has averaged 67.9 and has a breakeven of 68. Personally, I’m likely to hold given all my other more pressing issues but if you’re in a position, thank JHF for his services and upgrade away!

Zac Butters ($667K MID/FWD, PA) – 74

Owners will be frustrated with Butters averaging a paltry 54 over the past two weeks…. If you’ve got a luxury trade up your sleeve, he could be target #1. The fact he has that round 12 bye and a breakeven of 110 may be the final nail in the coffin!

Joel Smith ($299K DEF, MELB) – 19

Unfortunately for his 16% of owners, Smith hobbled off with an ankle injury in Q3 and was subbed off as a result. He faces months on the side-lines and is a must trade!

In the Mix: Josh Rachele, Corey Durdin.

Round 6 Top Scorers

  • Tom Stewart ($806K DEF, GEEL) – 157
  • Big Max ($953K RUCK, MELB) – 149
  • Tom Lynch ($520K FWD, RICH) – 146
  • Dyl Moore ($746K FWD, HAW) – 138
  • Josh Kelly ($821K MID, GWS) – 134

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Braydon Preuss ($599K RUCK | GWS | 26.78% ownership) +$69K
  • Greg Clark ($250K MID | WCE | 31.96% ownership) +$60K
  • Robbie McComb ($265K MID | WB | 13.62% ownership) +$55K
  • Tom Lynch ($520K FWD | RICH | 0.75% ownership) +$54K
  • Big Max ($953K RUCK | MELB | 59.86% ownership) +$48K

Top 5 Price Drops

  • Daniel Howe ($560K MID | HAW | 0.05% ownership) -$64K
  • Joey Daniher ($573K FWD | BL | 1.85% ownership) -$56K
  • Jack Ziebell ($621K DEF/FWD | NM | 2.61% ownership) -$51K
  • Xavier ‘Bow n Arrow’ Duursma ($480K MID | PA | 0.54% ownership) $50K
  • Dane ‘Goalpost Shaker’ Rampe ($359K DEF | SYD | 0.91% ownership) $50K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Greg Clark ($250K MID | WCE | 31.96% ownership) -31
  • Robbie McComb ($265K MID | WB | 13.62% ownership) -18
  • Jack Carroll ($234K MID | CARL | 3.76% ownership) -16
  • Maurice Rioli ($234k MID/FWD | WCE | 15.67% ownership) -10
  • Aiden Begg ($218K RUCK | COLL | 2.2% ownership) -2

Highest Breakevens

  • Andrew Brayshaw ($950K MID | FREO | 12.83% ownership) – 146
  • Tim Taranto ($844K MID/FWD | GWS | 26.6% ownership) – 142
  • Ben Keays ($940K MID | ADEL | 4.76% ownership) – 137
  • Travis Boak ($890K MID | PA | 3.08% ownership) – 137
  • Andrew Gaff ($780K MID | WCE | 0.59% ownership) – 135

*Ownership % as of 11pm 2 May 2022. Filtered as relevant.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your trade plans in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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