Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 3

Get your trade tips and advice heading into round 3 with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Patrick Cripps ($749K MID | CARL) – 123

Crippa has been in ominous form over the first two rounds of footy, averaging 117.5! Seems to be moving unrestricted and notably, without any strapping to his lower body which tells me Crippa is not carrying any niggles… There is still value there at <$750K.

Tom Green ($694K MID, GWS) – 102

Breakout season anyone? If the first two rounds are anything to go by, Green looks set for rapid development in 2022. You can see why many are touting Green to become one of the games elite inside mids in the coming seasons! Leon is trusting him more to play inside which is great news for fantasy coaches.

Andrew Brayshaw ($946K MID, FREO) – 181

180! +1 in what was an epic performance by the better Brayshaw! Adversity brings opportunity and for Merrett owners, Bray could be your perfect replacement. Added bonus is that Bray is a genuine captain option!

In the Mix: Jake Bowey, Nic Martin, Willie Rioli.


Tom Mitchell ($925K MID, HAW) – 98

Don’t panic! Yes, the pig has been a bit down by his lofty standards but I can’t see this lasting too much longer. He is a pig after all! Trade at your own risk.

Taylor Adams ($780K MID, COLL) – 57

Mr Chalk himself has had an abysmal start to the season with scores of 71 and 57 over the first 2 rounds… In that time, Chalk has dropped $66K but fair to say he is due and on his day has a great ceiling! Patience would be wearing thin but I’d advise coaches to hold strong and fix bigger problems.

Tom Stewart ($773K DEF, GEEL) – 75

Another ‘premo’ who has started the season poorly (from a fantasy perspective) by his lofty standards. Stew is still playing well, just lacking those cheap +6’s that really bolster his numbers! If he can get more of those easy +6’s when Geelong are in possession, expect a rise in fantasy output.

In the Mix: Tyson Stengle, Max Gawn, Cam Guthrie.


Cameron Rayner ($397K FWD, BL) – 43

Yikes! Well that experiment did not go as intended… Rayner is averaging a paltry 47 and has only gained $1K on his starting price… May as well go down to a rook to generate some cash.

Zach Merrett ($935K MID, ESS) – 111

Merrett was looking an awesome pick, until he succumbed to the dreaded syndesmosis in the dying stages of Essendon’s round 2 clash with Brisbane. Merrett could be out for up to 8 weeks – sadly, it is a must trade.

Jarryd Lyons ($918K MID, BL) – 83

Out of the midfield rotation, and should be out of your team purely based on his role in the Lions side so far this season. Seems to be roaming around at half-forward with stints on ball… Cash out now to stem the bleeding! Good news is, like Merrett, you can pretty much trade to Lyons anyone you want.

In the Mix: Tarryn Thomas, Jordan Ridley.

Round 2 Top Scorers

  • Andrew Brayshaw ($946K MID, FREO) – 181
  • Travis Boak ($877K MID, PA) – 152
  • Karl Amon ($861K MID, PA) – 148
  • Touk Miller ($1.015m MID, GCS) – 147
  • Dayne Zorko ($849K MID, BL) – 145
  • Lachie Neale ($854K MID, BL) – 145

Top 5 Price Rises:

  • Jack Hayes ($319K FWD/RUC | STK | 65.99% ownership) +$66K
  • Andrew Brayshaw ($946K MID | FREO | 6.96% ownership) +$59K
  • Will Brodie ($467K MID/FWD | FREO | 38.35% ownership) +$58K
  • Nick Daicos ($390K MID | COLL | 70.2% ownership) +$58K
  • Josh Rachele ($382K MID/FWD | ADEL | 62.53% ownership) +$55K

Top 5 Price Drops:

  • Chad Wingard ($654K MID/FWD | HAW | 1.73% ownership) -$64K
  • Bailey Williams ($503K DEF | WB | 5.57% ownership) -$49K
  • Trent McKenzie ($532K DEF | 0.21% ownership) -$47K
  • Taylor Adams ($780K MID | COLL | 0.99% ownership) -$46K
  • Dyson Heppell ($723k DEF | ESS | 1.76% ownership) -$45K

Lowest Breakevens:

  • Nic Martin ($266K FWD | ESS | 26.61% ownership) -44
  • Jack Hayes ($319K FWD/RUC | STK | 65.99% ownership) -21
  • Tristan Xerri ($354K FWD | NM | 19.71$ ownership) -5
  • Nick Daicos ($390K MID | COLL | 70.2% ownership) -4
  • Aaron Black ($221K MID | WCE | 0.48% ownership) -3

Highest Breakevens:

  • Christian Salem ($717K DEF | MELB | 9.09% ownership) – 159
  • Jarryd Lyons ($959K MID | BL | 1.75% ownership) – 156
  • Kyle Langford ($667K MID | ESS | 0.08% ownership) – 149
  • Jack Steele ($989K MID | STK | 26.89% ownership) – 145
  • Chad Wingard ($654K MID/FWD | HAW | 1.73% ownership) – 144

*Ownership % as of 11pm 28 March 2022

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your trade plans in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

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