Buy, Hold, Fold: Round 18

Who’s on the chopping block heading into round 18? Get your trade tips and advice for the week with with Buy, Hold, Fold!


Ben Keays ($816K MID, CROM) – 118

Keays has been back to his industrious best over the past three weeks, averaging a huge 117! If you are cash strapped, this selection has value written all over it. Almost always allowed to roam free by opponents and conveniently has fixtures against West Coast and Norf during Fantasy finals!

Tim Taranto ($755K MID/FWD, GWS) – 101

Slight flag with Jacob Hopper set to return which may affect Taranto’s mid-time… I still think the value is undeniable and he will be one of the most traded in players this week!

Josh Carmichael ($211K MID/FWD, COLL) – 51

Solid on debut vs Norf on Saturday arvo and shaping as the most popular downgrade target (assuming he is selected!). Has the added bonus of DPP flexibility.

In the Mix: Rory Laird, Timmy English, Jack Steele.


Clayton Oliver ($957K MID, MELB) – 99

Coaches will be sweating on the fitness of Clarry after he fractured his thumb vs Geelong last Thursday night. He looks unlikely for this weekend but based on the information we have, should return next week. Therefore, I don’t think there is that much to gain out of folding but if you are chasing points this week (you may have a tight matchup, for example) I can see why you’d do it!

Jordan Dawson ($872K DEF/MID, CROM) – 76

One of the form defenders of the competition finally got the attention he deserved in the form of Finn Maginness… Had a season low 1 mark but beefed up his score with 10 tackles. I don’t think there is need to panic yet but this weekend vs Collingwood will be an interesting watch!

Lachie Whitfield ($753k DEF/MID, GWS) – 40

Of course as soon as I sing his praises, Lachie proceeds to dish up this utter rubbish! I’m backing him in to bounce back but you can understand why coaches would be rage trading to send him a message early in the week!

In the Mix: Lachie ‘Jye’s Bunny’ Neale, Max Gawn, Nick ‘Whisper’ Daicos, Harry Himmelberg.


Jade Gresham ($696K MID/FWD, STK) – 55

This is the time of the season where coaches need to be ruthless! While Gresh averages a solid 86 over the season, he has faded to average just 68 in his last three outings. With a breakeven of 118 heading into R18, time to get him up to a big dog before he bleeds more cash.

Nic ‘Alpha’ Martin ($624K MID/FWD, ESS) – 48

Alpha has been nothing short of outstanding for coaches this season, showing a few ‘premiums’ how it’s done on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, he had a down day in Brisbane and a dirty last quarter with a grand total of -1… For a rookie to have only recorded one score below 60 to this point of the season is a great effort. However, the time is now (if you haven’t already) to say our thank yous and move him on!

Jake Soligo ($462K MID, CROM) – 39

Soligo has been a solid cash cow for coaches over the byes into the back half of the season. However, he now carries a breakeven of 61 so there should be no qualms with moving him on. Take the cash grab and upgrade elsewhere!

In the Mix: Patrick Cripps, Tom Mitchell, Jackson Hately.

Top 5 Price Rises

  • Luke ‘UDL’ Davies Uniacke ($794K MID | NORF | 0.97% ownership) +$50K
  • Mitch ‘Two first names’ Duncan ($803K MID/FWD | GEEL | 12.22% ownership) +$44K
  • Tommy Papley ($559K FWD | SYD | 0.92% ownership) +$43K
  • Peter ‘2 metre Peter’ Wright ($574K RUCK/FWD | ESS | 3.74% ownership) +$42K
  • Blake ‘Dimma’ Hardwick ($481K DEF | HAW | 0.5% ownership) +$41K

Top 5 Price Falls

  • Tom ‘Q-stick’ Lynch ($536K FWD | RICH | 0.95% ownership) -$68K
  • Pete Spudhams ($494K RUCK/FWD | SYD | 2.11% ownership) -$47K
  • Toby ‘Nank the Tank’ Nankervis ($719K RUCK | RICH | 4.01% ownership) -$42K
  • Brayden Fiorini ($538K MID | GCS | 0.2% ownership) -$40K
  • Ollie ‘Ted Maher’s brother’ Henry ($386K FWD | COLL | 0.52% ownership) -$40K

Lowest Breakevens

  • Jase ‘Peter’ Burgoyne ($253K DEF/MID | PA | 21.39% ownership) 0
  • Noah Cumberland ($211K MID/FWD | RICH | 2.54% ownership) 4
  • Massimo ‘MDMA’ D’Ambrosio ($329K DEF | ESS | 13.18% ownership) 4
  • Josh Carmichael Hunt ($208K MID/FWD | COLL | 7.13% ownership) 6
  • Jackson ‘Glenn’ Archer ($208K DEF | NORF | 4.38% ownership) 8

Highest Breakevens

  • Dayne ‘Dead to me.’ Zorko ($637K MID/DEF | BL | 3.46% ownership) 148
  • Darcy Parish ($824K MID | ESS | 3.39% ownership) 148
  • Lachie ‘Jye’s Bunny’ Neale ($890K MID | BL | 47.33% ownership) 144
  • Jack Macrae ($891K MID | WB | 46.13% ownership) 142
  • Baz Sm(n)iff ($872K MID/FWD | WB | 11.39% ownership) 141

*Ownership % as of 8pm 12 July 2022. Filtered as relevant.

So who’s on the chopping block in your squad? Share your trade plans in the comments below!

Cheers legends,

Fantasy Fanatic #70


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